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Of course he does steroids. You cannot be as big as Batista, and not do steroids. Steroids are the reason why he has so many muscle tears. Steroids cause your muscles to expand, and if they expand to much, they tear.

Batista and Steroids?no he just works out a lot. Batista and Steroids?

no way is he on steroids, he works out a little to much.


Yes Batista Is on steroids and will soon be suspended fromm the wwe.


It hasn't been publicly known that he is on steroids. I doubt that he is.

AnswerYes, he most definitely is. It is utterly useless to deny it, as anyone that knows a thing about bodybuilding, steroids and the human body could tell you that he is juicing. I'm not saying he doesn't work out a great deal or eat a good diet, as you HAVE to in order for steroids to be effective - they're not magic, they still take hard work to get results. However, the bottom line is that yes, he is. I doubt you will ever see him suspended, though.

I hope that settles it. :)


Listen Batista does not take steriods. He used to be a body builder. He has been tested multiple times and they never caught anything. Just because he is big it dosent mean that he has artificial muscles. For youe information he has only had one muscle tear. Iv'e heard many of his interviews and he always says he has never done steriods ever. Also has never been suspended from WWE and never will be. When he was young he was really poor and could not afford steriods. He wanted to stay out of trouble so he worked out. He used to be even bigger then he is now. So he actually lost some muscle and weight so it is impossible for him to use steriods. But I know that Edge and Randy Orton use steriods. And supprisingly so does Eugine. He tells the truth about everything and why would he lie about that. He addmites that he took drugs once and then he never tried again. So next time try to be smart about your answers and work around the clues.

AnswerThe fact that he was a bodybuilder makes it MORE likely that he is on steroids as the majority of bodybuilders are, or at least all the ones I know or have spoken with. It's just part of their sport.

And yes, he is going to admit in interviews that he is using. Let's have some perspective here.


The fact that your user name is "Batista Fan" obviously puts up a red flag as to your bias. I'm simply trying to help someone out with a question regarding a subject that I know a great deal about.

Your argument makes very little sense and is based on Batista's own book. The man is not going to admit to using steroids, especially after the Benoit incident and increased pressure from Congress. The fact that he is losing size as of late (along with with many other wrestlers such as Orton) is actually another sign of steroid use as you lose mass when you go off cycle. It is possible that he either stopped using or more likely reduced his usage.

Also, you keep claiming that he has never been caught and that proves absolutely nothing. Lashley was never caught, Cena has never been caught, Benoit was never caught and he was likely using the entire time. The Wellness policy is certainly not fool-proof and has faced much critcism.

How do you know that he has been telling the truth? Are you Batista? Of course not. I know that you are naive as you want to belive your hero. You should be the one looking at the "clues" rather than taking Batista at his word.


I am sorry if you took the answer the wrong way. I get that way sometimes when I try to prove a point. Im just a kid. Im truly sorry. The same way that you are trying to help answer the question so am I. I guess we have different opinions then.


The last 'contribution' to this question has been deleted due to its personal nature and some of the contributions have been edited to remove personal attacks. In addition, this question is being protected due to the 'contributions' turning into a debate of personal nature and not being attempts to answer the question. I would like for all involved to reflect about the subject and the thought that professional Wrestling and its participants do their jobs for the entertainment of the fans and not to provoke personal debates like the one that was started here.

Sports is meant for entertainment. Personal attacks/debate will not be tolerated.

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Q: Does Batista take steroids
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