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No, just Rihanna.

Chris and Rihanna might not like each other but behind the scenes they are desperately still in love.

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Does Chris Brown like someone else?

chris brown has a crash on Rihanna

Who else instead of Rihanna is Chris Brown Dating?

Chris Brown just broke up with his girlfriend Jasmine Sanders.

Do Chris Brown and Rihanna still go out?

no theyy dont go outRihanna is dating someone else they are over

What STD did Rihanna give Chris Brown?

rihanna did not give chris brown std they had got into a fight and every thing else is a lie so do not belive what they say they are some lieing b***H'S

Is rihanna going out with someone else?

yeah. After she got into it with Chris Brown, she started dating Matt Kemp

Names of cast on This Christmas the movie?

Chris brown,columbus short, and i dont know anybody else-sorry!

Is Rihanna demonic?

No Rihanna is not a demon. Maybe Rihanna Had Faith In God Once , But Ever Since The Alleged Beating From Chris Brown , She Began To Believe In another Supernatural Presence (Nobody Knows If Its Devil Or Something Else)No Rihanna is not a demon.

Did Chris Brown and rihanna have the baby yet?

Nope not yet or else it would be all over the news!Nope not yet or else it would be all over the news!

Is Rihanna and Chris Brown going to break up?

yes cause for one her forehead is too big, and they when he tries to kiss her it bliocks his lips! so yea he is tired of it!!!! That might not be it though, personally Rihannah should break up with Chris Brown and find someone else who's not going to beat the crap out of Rihanna and go to jail for it, and Chris Brown shouldn't be bailed out, he should stay there!

Did Chris Brown make a song called ya man ain't you?

yesss he did to impress his old girlfriend rihanna to go out with him and not go out with anybody else!!!! u go chris! form ur cuzz zzNo actually he didn't it was called ya man ain't me not ya man ain't you get it right boo!if you is so called cuz

What is Chris Brown religious?

or is chris brown religious? answer is: youll have to ask him. no one else knows.

Is Chris Brown mad about rihanna dating someone else?

Im sure he still loves her and all that, but no i dont think so. after what he did to her, i think he will understand why she moved to another guy. i both hope them all the best especially Chris Brown. theres to many haters out there...:(

Why did Chris Brown fight frank ocean?

Chris brown did not fight him he was fighting someone else and accidentally punched him

What else can Chris Brown do besides sing?

Besides singing, Chris Brown can act, write songs, rap, and dance.

What sports did Chris Brown play?

basketball and something else

Is it true that Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she had std's?

ShYd hEll YEA...if i WASz ChRiS i WUlddA bEAt RihANNA ASz tOO...YEW POSE tO bE Wit ME && 0NlY ME.. WAt YEW GOWEN tO GO OUt tO bE Wit SUMbOdY ELSE fOR..!!?? dAt jUSt d0Nt MAkE N0 SENSE t0 ME ..N0t WUN bit..N0t At AWl!!

What else do you know about Chris Brown?

He was born May 5,1989. His influences are Michael Jackson and James Brown

What is the lyrics to Chris Brown forever?

"Forever"hahahahahahaha , no. go sumwere else

Is ciara and Chris Brown going together?

hell no he finding someone else

Who is better usher or Chris Brown?

i couldn b sure rite now usher is on top usher is proberly more famous but im sure chris will ave im in no time chris wud deffintly b mi fav i luv im hez only startin usher haz been ot a lot longer dan chris im proberly not 2 good maybe sum1 else will give u de answer u want Chris Brown Chris Brown Chris Brown is way cuter Chris brown but ushers close behind

What is the Irony of Young Goodman Brown?

That Goodman see nothing wrong in his conversations with the devil but is abhorred at anybody else doing so.

Is Rihanna important?

rihanna is important because she had a hardlife and she knows what everyone else goes through

Is chis brown really with Rihanna?

It has been rumorred, and he did seem to really enjoy her performance at the BET AWARDS A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE

Where was Chris Brown's dad Clinton Brown born?

He was raised in Warsaw, VA....CHRIS BROWN'S DAD WAS BORN THE SAME PLACE EVERY BODY ELSE a hospital.

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