Does Crown Prince Prof.Dr. Girma Yohannis Iyassu Menelik II have more children than Prince Kaerrod Known as Kifle Yacob?

I remember the time that the Crown Prince of Ethiopia, Prof. Dr. Girma Yohannis Iyassu Menelik II, was working as the member of the Governing Board of Alemaya University from 2002 to 2006, in Eastern Ethiopia. He was requested and appointed by the former Minister of Education H.E Weizero Genet Zewdé. The Chairman of the Governing Board of the University was State Minister of Agriculture H.E. Ato Belay Ejigu. Other members of the Board were high personalities like Vice Minister of Education H.E. Dr. Teshome Yizengaw, winner of the alternative Nobel Prize Dr. Melaku Worede, Ambassader Solomon Abebe and Prof. Dr. Desta Hamito. Though he was well known and highly recognized by the whole University acdemic community, he never mentioned or behaved like a prince. He was very active and thanks to his suggestions and initiatives, the University could expand in three different towns. The building of a new branch at Dire Dawa with technological, business and law faculties, the establishment of a new Veterinary Medicine faculty in Jijiga and the establishment of the faculty of health Science in Harar, goes back to his initiative. He loves his country and he believes that Ethiopia could get out of her poverty only if the youth gets enough education especially in professional sector.

I remember also that he was the director and project manager of the Karlheinz Bhoem Foundation called "Menschen fuer Menschen" at Harar. He was the one that succeeded to build and get the Agro Technical Training College acredited by the Ministry of Education, by the way it was the first private college to receive its accredition in the history of the country in advanced diploma. His grduates call tehmselves his children and were employeed by the industry prior their complation. Karlheinz Boehm was so proud that he called the students as ambassadors of the foundation. The prince was also the one who initiated and succeeded to give and houner Karlheinz Boehm the Honorary Doctrate from Alemaya University.

Back to the question: Yes the Crown Prince of Ethiopia, (as the Holy Synode of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Corospond with him), has one son "Prince Kaerrod", who received the baptismal name of Emperor Iyassu V "Kifle Yacob" at the Church built by him "Kechené Medhanialem Churh". This was the first time all the Bishops and Priests of the Church made a special night ceremony to houner the baptismal of the young Prince Kaerrod. Some people say that he has two daughters from his former girl friend, an American industrialist daughter, but not much is known. However, he left Ethiopia after establishing his companies and he is teaching now in Germany.