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Damage caused by dosmetic animals is excluded in all homeowner's policies and it is unlikely that SC would require an exception for this exclusion for policies issued in their state. Water damage to carpeting from a Plumbing system leak (if sudden as opposed to a slow leak over time) is a covered loss. Could it be that the water damage did not destroy the carpet as it could be dried and cleaned but due to the pet damage it was ruined? //

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Q: Does Farm Bureau home insurance cover a carpet damaged by pets and water from the dishwasher in SC?
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Does farm bureau home insurance cover a carpet damaged by children?

wear and tear is generally not covered

Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is no coverage for cosmetic aesthetics or exact match issues.

How damaged does carpet need to be before Farm Bureau will include it in a claim?

If the carpet was damaged from a listed peril (smoke, fire, etc.), the average policy will pay (after your deductable) to have it cleaned or replaced, depending on the damage.

Can you claim carpet damage on your homeowners insurance?

Carpet DamageYes, if it was damaged due to a covered peril under your policy it will be covered.

If a waterline burst and floods half of my carpet in the living room Will insurance pay to replace all the carpet in the room or only the damaged half?

Call and ask your claims agent. Probably the whole carpet.

Is carpet damaged by dog covered under homeowners insurance?

I believe in most any situation that carpet damaged by a dog will not be covered. Of course it will depend on the actual policy and what happened but in most if not all cases this type of damage would not be covered.

Does farm bureau home insurance cover damage to carpet by oil?

heating oil? that is considered a polluntant and generally excluded as a cause of loss

Is carpet replacement covered in home owners insurance?

It depends on why you need your carpet replaced. If it was damaged due to a covered peril then it will be covered. If your carpet is just old and worm due to usual wear and tear then it is not covered.

Will insurance cover a hot water heater?

Regular home owners insurance does not cover a water heater. If it leaked and damaged the floor, carpet, walls or furnishings, those would be covered, but not the heater.

What is the value after depreciation of carpet damaged by water?

The insurance company uses a depreciation calculator, which deducts replaceable value determined by the age of the carpet. If you have a "recoverable" depreciation you will have to first spend the money for the carpet, then submit documentation (invoices and receipt) to have the remaining amount sent to you

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to carpet?

If damaged due to a covered peril such As Fire, Wind, Hail, etc,, yes it's covered subject to your deductible.. If damaged to due to wear and tear, No, it would not be covered.

What is involved in doing a carpet repair?

Repairing a carpet involves grafting a matching piece of carpet into the damaged area. The damaged area is removed and replaced. Be sure to line it up so that the fabric nap aligns with your existing carpet.

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