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Yes, Fiber glass insulation can cause cancer if you are exposed to it over a long period of time. About 2 years incubation time is hypothesized. This is only when your insulation is completely exposed. Most people cover it with drywall. If you are looking for a cheap way to do it, the best way is to use trash bags. Working with Insulation I have encountered many people looking for a cheap way to insulate without causing problems. But yes, Fiber Glass can cause cancer. It isn't a certain ordeal though. The ratio is about 10:1. For every ten people who are exposed to Fiber glass for a period of two years one will contract cancer.

If you are trying to cover it with trash bags make sure it is air tight. That should protect your ventilation systems enough.

hmmm 10% of people.... Where do you get your information from ? I work in a facility that makes fiberglass and works with it in a daily basis. We are supposed to use N95 masks however most vets don't I know 10 people who have been working there 20 + years and don't have cancer. We have had OSHA in there twice in the past 10 years and to test air quality and they said that it was fine.

Where do you get your information from ? where do you get two years from ?

***the first answer seems to be plucked from the sky. A quick internet search will show you that with hundreds of studies over the last 70 years there is no evidence that it will cause where one in ten comes from who knows!? Are they confusing it with Asbestos, that will cause cancer indeed! Fiber glass is classified as a mild irritant to the lungs which is why you should wear a mask if installing it***

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Q: Does Fiber Glass Insulation cause cancer?
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