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Yes, God does heal people.

  • There are numerous cases of people being ill, deciding to put their faith in God and being healed. Some people no longer have seizures; others have had tumors disappear, leaving doctors scratching their heads. Some have even claimed to have missing limbs grow back. God heals when the time is right. God will do healing miracles; the Lord Jesus said "to who believeth will do greater works than that I do." A couple of times in the Gospels, Jesus was in an area where people knew him from when he was growing up. This caused these people not to believe in his miracles, and The Bible says he could not do many miracles there because of their unbelief. The same is true for us today. When we don't trust God and are hardened by life, we become unable to receive or even see the miracles around us. In the Bible God heals people like He raised Lazarus from the dead He made the lame to walk and caused the blind to see. He still heals people today through prayer. God identifies himself as the God of healing in Exodus 15:26 where He says, "I am the Lord who heals you (Yhwh Rapha)". When you get a cut on your finger it heals. When you get a bruise it heals. Most of the healing that takes place in the world is done with out the use of science or medicine. God created our bodies to heal themselves. So yes, God does heal.

There is such a thing as spiritual health, but it is not the same as faith healing.

  • It is the belief that heals, not the god, in light of the existence of miracles within Atheism, deism, and agnosticism. It is the person's faith or belief that causes the healing. The person's faith acts as a placebo and it has the same effects. A placebo is used in medical treatment as a form of psychological conditioning that allows the patient to heal himself/herself by simply believing that they are receiving a miraculous new drug. Religion is used primarily as a process of hypnotic conditioning for the super-conscious-brain. The person with a fully developed subconsciousness (super-conscious-brain) can then influence or manipulate matter to create desired results. The individual however is seldom able to replicate the results because of his/her ignorance as to the actual triggers.

God heals people through medicine.

  • If you believe that God really exists, the answer is simple: God heals us by providing the medical knowledge and ability to use it well. If you don't believe in God, then no, faith cannot help at all and you should trust only to proven science. Either way, visiting the doctor is a good idea. More times than you or I will ever dream of. I do not want to undermine any answer given but you should always consult a physician, and follow the physician's orders in regards to medicine for healing your body. Science has given us many advances in medicine and healing, but God is sovereign over all things.

No, God does not heal people.

  • If God can heal people, all medical practitioners, medical equipment producers and medical drug manufacturers will be out of work. God does not heal anyone. He cannot regrow amputated limbs or even heal limbs attached. Many Christians are healed by doctors and then they go to church and give the credit to an invisible friend. That is what they call 'faith healing'. They deny science works yet they get their health care from science. When faith healing does not work, they will settle for a 'partial healing'. There have been no credible faith healing. Faith healing is a religious scam. Reality is the physical world we live in, the toes we stub and swear about, the fingers we trap in doors, the wages we get paid, the food we eat and for many people the reality is the food they don't have, the sickness they cannot afford doctors for, the education that their societies and circumstances make impossible. faith might comfort these people but it won't change their realities, only physical change will do that. Stories from the Bible don't count and neither do unsubstantiated stories of miracle cures. If it is real there will be provable, incontrovertible evidence of it's reality. The world has been waiting for this proof for aeon's and it has yet to appear. That is an interesting premise but fatally flawed. It rests on the idea of "belief" being able to make a difference in the physical world that we live in.

Views of various faiths.

  • God is not a manifest human being and therefore, how does God heal directly? Atheists do not believe in God and therefore, how are they healed? But a theist would say the atheists are just wrong because God really exists. However, science may also debunk the God issue in healing. Still, I have no problem in the healing powers of God, but my God is attribute-less and would not interfere with man for any reason. Therefore, I say spirit or the voice of Sat Nam (Fifth Plane Overlord - not the one central God) is the healer that we can feel palpably as human beings. So, it is feeling that heals and not God directly. Reducing the Supreme Deity to such nonsense as healing a mortal bag of bones is ludicrous.
  • Representing an Islamic point of view, nothing in this world happens without Allah's will. That never means we shouldn't go to doctors -of course not, as Allah told us that we should "act with reasons" which means do what's possible for you to do, but after all it's Allah's will whether we heal or not. So if not him then who does?
  • Yes, God does heal with his spiritual energy. First, find one reliable Guru who can teach you how to do meditation. Then do meditate regularly, eat only vegetarian food, make yourself very sensitive then you would be able to sense the healing energy or even you can experience the God energy in the temple, in your home if you do regular puja at your home, when you chant Mantra, also you can sense bad energy like ghost. Very easy one try to chant OM one hour daily and see what happens.
  • The Jewish view is that it is God who does the healing (Exodus 15:26, Jeremiah 17:14), while we are at the same time commanded to use conventional medicine (Exodus 21:19; Talmud, Bava Kama 85) since it is often through the medium of regular medicine that God chooses to do the healing.

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Popular belief is that God heals people in response to prayer. In 2005, the John Templeton Foundation put this to the test, conducting a carefully designed, double-blind trial of the effect of intercessary prayer on the outcome of surgery.

The intention was to evaluate whether (1) receiving intercessory prayer or (2) being certain of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with uncomplicated recovery after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. It was felt that previous trials showing a benefit had used sub-optimal methods of data analysis, non standard methods of randomisation and allocation concealment, and untested outcome measures, while those showing no effect had insufficient statistical power to reach this conclusion. Patients at 6 US hospitals were randomly assigned to one of 3 groups: 604 received intercessory prayer after being informed they may or may not receive prayer; 597 did not receive intercessory prayer, also after being informed they may or may not receive prayer; and 601 received intercessory prayer after being informed they would receive prayer. Intercessory prayer was provided for 14 days, starting the night before CABG. Any complication within 30 days of CABG would be regarded as a primary outcome. Secondary outcomes were any major event and mortality.

- Results

In the two groups uncertain about receiving intercessory prayer, complications occurred in: · 52% (315/604) of patients who received intercessory prayer · 51% (304/597) of those who did not receive intercessory prayer Complications occurred in 59% (352/601) of patients who knew they received intercessory prayer. It was suggested that the patient's knowledge that he or she was being prayed for could have caused anxiety, thus resulting in a worse outcome. Major events and 30-day mortality were similar across the 3 groups.

- Templeton Foundation Conclusions

Intercessory prayer itself had no effect on complication-free recovery, but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with a higher incidence of complications. On page 14 of their findings, the Foundation states that The finding that intercessory prayer, as provided in this study, had no effect on complication-free may be due to the study limitations. Some possible limitations in the study are canvassed.

- Conclusion

The Templeton Foundation and its supporters in this trial are far from adversarial to the notion that prayer is beneficial. Nevertheless, they conclusively report that intercessary prayer was proven to have no benefit on the outcome of surgery, in the most carefully designed trial of this type ever undertaken. It is still possible that God sometimes heals people, but so far the evidence is that he does not.

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Q: Does God really heal people
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Does God still heal today?

Yes, he does. He will heal people who really need it. These are often referred to as "miracles."

Can people heal god?

No but God can heal you

Is God not strong enough to heal people?

God is strong enough, but it is not always His will to heal people.

Does god really heal the sick?

Yes god really does heal the sick. The important thing here is that you must pray believing that you will get healed, and do not doubt it and if God doesnt heal you it is because you didnt believe enough, you didnt pray enough and you didnt give enough money to the church ,so therefor it is your fault not Gods if you don't get healed. god is extremely picky about who he will heal,god will not heal people who were born severely mentally retarded. god will not heal a child that is born missing an arm or a leg or both. god will not heal amputees. god will not heal dwarfs or severely deformed children, god will not heal conjoined twins, god will not heal burn victims who have lost ears,noses,fingers,toes,lips,or eyelids. god will not heal people who are born without eyeballs nor people who lose both eyeballs such as in an accident. Seems that regrowing flesh,regrowing whole limbs and eyeballs,reversing genetic disorders like dwarfism,retardation and separating conjoined twins is a bit too difficult to do even for such a supreem being..which is why none of the above has ever been medically or scientifically documanted in the last 300 years..

Can priests heal people?

Only God can heal people. Priests are human, and cannot.

How did Jesus Christ heal people?

Jesus Christ is almighty God. He spoke this universe into existence. To heal anyone is child's play for God.

Does God heal physical diseases?

God doesn't heal people, doctors do. If you have a disease or sickness, go to a doctor. Faith healing will not get you anywhere, maybe death, but that's it.

Did god really heal people?

yes he did - Just to point out your wording, "did" as in past tence would imply that there is now no longer any God, which would account for his total lack of healing or answering of prayers.

Can faith really heal?

If you believe in God and you believe in can pray and he(God) will help you and if you pray for you or someone else to get better them he(God) will help you when ever you need help!

Can god heal a person afflictions?

Some people belive this is possible.

Whtat does God heals and the doctor takes the fee mean?

It implies that Doctors really don't heal you, that God does, and the doctor gets paid for what God does. Which is utter BS.

Can HIV be heal from God when you believe in him?

Even god can not heal HIV.

Why do sick people die even when they get prayed for?

It frustrates a lot of Christians that they pray to God to get God to heal a really ill person and then the person dies. It seems like God doesn't answer prayer. But God is a good God. God has already answered the prayer. God answered the prayer 2000 years before the person even got sick. Before they got sick God released His healing power onto the earth. God works through people. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives on the inside of believers. God needs believers to be speaking the Word of Life. Believers heal sick people by commanding them healed in the Name of Jesus.

His power as a healer made him a universal god?

Apollo the sun god was able to heal people with the power of the sun.

Is the reason God Won't Heal people is because he gets lazy after 2000 years?


Did god heal people?

Actually, as I recall, Jesus was the one who healed people. But Jesus is God so you could say that god healed people. It was God's will if someone was going to be healed.

Why does God not heal everyone?

------------------------ The question should really be, why does God never heal anyone. If God heals anyone qt all, we should expect Christians to recover from illness or surgery more readily than others, yet this simply does not happen. For all our prayers, there is no evidence of miracles.

The sacrament of the anointing of the sick will always heal people who are ill?

Some religions call it a Sacrament but it really is an Ordinance, or even a Blessing given to the sick. Your question seems to be a statement of fact that sicj people will always be healed. This is not quite true. God will heal the sick if He feels the need to. He will at times let the person suffer so that through their suffering they or others may learn from their suffering. But God will not let a person suffer beyond that which they can stand. He is not a saddest but a kind and understanding God who knows what is best for us.

Will god heal you from HIV?

This 'god' cannot and will not heal HIV. If medicine cannot heal HIV, praying cannot heal HIV. Get edicine to subdue the effects. It's the only thing you can do. (That will work)

Can anyone heal a person like John Coffee in The Green Mile?

One has to have received the gift of healing from God before he can heal people in a miraculous way. Can God give this gift to anyone? Yes. But, not everyone has received this gift.

How did jesus heal the sick?

By the power of God. Jesus was God in the flesh, 100% God, 100% man. As such He could heal just with His touch or a word.

What the Bible says about healing today?

The Bible tells us that God can heal, and that when Jesus was on earth, he healed a lot of people. The Bible also states that God cannot change, and that Jesus is "the same yesterday, today and forever" (Heb 13:8). Therefore, it's clear that Jesus can still heal people (that in itself is no guarantee that he will heal any particular person, only a statement that he is able to!).

Who was called by God to heal Saul?

Acts 9:10-16 gives the account of God calling Ananias to heal Saul.

Is Zeus the god of people?

No he is the king of the gods and god of the sky.(but he really is not)

Can a broken wrist heal in 4 weeks?

A broken wrist can heal in 4 weeks, but only in younger people. The younger you are the more quickly a fracture will heal. Older people are afraid of falling and breaking a hip or shoulder. Sometimes their body doesn't really recover from the damage and the shock.