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Does Hannah Montana have a dad?


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No. That fatherly figure who lives in her house and calls Miley daughter is just her perverted boyfriend.


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Billy Ray Cyrus is the dad of Hannah Montana

well i tryed out for singing and my dad said do you what to Hannah Montana and i said yes

He is Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart's dad in the TV-serie Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana nor Miley Cyrus has a step dad. Sorry! Their[her dad's] dad is Billy Ray Cyrus

My mother Love's Hannah Montana if my mother misses one show she get's mad and go's into her room LOL!!!My dad my dad!!!!!even watch's Hannah Montana it is so sad.

Yes, her dad is billy ray cyrus.

its her real life dad billy ray Cyrus (or Hannah Montana name billy ray Stuart) :)

I am guessing it was her dad!

Yes miley's dad is the guy on tv

Hannah Montana is actually her stage name Miley Cyrus is her real name

her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. he also plays her dad on Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana's dad is 47 years old even though he doesn't look it!

Her dad wrote all the Hannah Montana songs but her mom helps with the Miley Cyrus ones.

She quit because she is a dirty slut/hore and did her dad and didnt want the publisity

this kid that i watch watches hannah montana and i heared her mom died but her dad lives with her.

Destiney Hope Cyrus aka: Miley Cyrus: Her dad in real life is Billy ray Cyrus. In the show"Hannah Montana" he plays Robby Ray Stewart which is the role of the dad still. In the show Miley Cyrus still plays a double life but her names are Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana. SO that is all of the info of Hannah Montana and dad!

No, she just sasses her dad A LOT

You're a sicko! NO she's not! :|

Her Dad and Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana is a singer and attrese. She wears a wig to become Hannah Montana, The real her is Miley Cyrus. She played Miley Stewert in Hannah Montana episoides. Her dad Billy Ray Cyrus writes the songs. I LOVE HER! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!

Hannah Montana is related to Billy Ray Cyrus(dad),Tish Cyrus(mom), And little sisters.But i forgot their names :( Hannah Montana is related to Billy Ray Cyrus(dad),Tish Cyrus(mom), And little sisters.But i forgot their names :(

yes he is not just her dad on the show he is her real dad 2

No One was offered to be Hannah Montana before Miley. Miley and her dad created Hannah, and she just became popular with her music.

Well, yes she is. Actually, she's rich because both of her and her dad were on Hannah Montana. You can also tell she is by all the stuff she has. She even has more than one house.

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