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Honda Prelude 1979-1991 have the same bolt pattern so they will "fit". Then it just depends on the width of the wheel and the offset (the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub-mounting surface of the wheel).

Honda Prelude 1992+ wheels will not fit.

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Q: Does Honda Prelude wheels fit Honda CRX 1991?
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What year did they stop making crx Honda?


What is the lug pattern of 1991 Honda CRX?


When did Honda stop making the crx?

Honda produced the CRX from 1983 to 1991. Honda is releasing a car in 2011 called the CR-Z, it is a hybrid remake of the CRX. Check it out!

Can you put 15 inch wheels on a Honda CRX to replace the factory 13 inch wheels?

yes i replace my crx wheels with 17" tenzo r racing rims

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1991 Honda CRX?

There 's none.

Do 1993 Honda crx have airbags?

Honda stopped making CR-X at 1991

What engine does a 91 Honda CRX HF have?

the 1991 Honda crx hf has the 1.5 liter motor unless a swap has been done

What seats are interchangable with a 1990 Honda CRX?

AnswerYou can swap the seats from same generation civics, civic si, crx si. other may include but not definite del sol, prelude and early model accordAs he said about the same generation civic's and crx's, It is also definite that you can put the prelude, del sol, and integra seats with their brackets, i have prelude si seats in my 91 crx from a 96 si prelude

Will the manual transmission from an '89 Honda Prelude fit in an '86 Honda CRX?

No Transmissions are usually car specific. You cant take a longer trans, and throw it on a smaller car... It would depend on what motor you have on the crx and what motor the prelude tranny came off from. I believe the 5 speed manual transmission on the prelude will mate up to both the 1.8L and 2.0L Prelude engine. So if your crx has either of those engines then you should be good to go.

Which will win a Honda cx or a Honda CRX?


What was the original sticker price of a 1991 Honda CRX-si?

$10,750.00 (purchased originally from Honda dealer)

What is the firing order for a 1991 Honda CRX?


Where can you get a total car wiring diagram for a 1991 Honda CRX Si?

The Honda dealership or your local auto parts store is able to get you a total car wiring diagram for a 1991 Honda CRX SI. You can also find it (for free) at the library.

What is the fuel injector size for a 1991 Honda CRX hf?

88-89 hf crx uses 190cc 90-91 hf crx uses 240cc

1991 Honda CRX head torque specification and sequence?

hondahookup has manual you can download

What are the possible reasons a 1991 Honda CRX does not stay charged?

Altenator is not charging battery!!

What is the lowest price for a 1991 Honda CRX?

i got mine for $200.00 in curry Alabama

Where is ecu on Honda crx?

The ECU on 1988-1991 Honda CRX cars is located under the carpet at the passenger's feet. Four bolts hold a metal panel covering the ECU.

How many valves does a 1991 Honda CRX have?

it should have 16 i know first gen had 12

1.5 fit in a 1986 Honda CRX?

The 1986 Honda CRX already has a 1.5.

What does CRX stand for on a Honda CRX Si?

Civic Racing eXperiment = CRX

How many miles per gallon does 1991 Honda CRX hf do?

I got 45 mpg going 70 mph for 500 mile with 197000 miles on my crx

Where is the fuel pump switch on a 1991 Honda CRX located?

Honda CRX was built from Honda Civic platform and shared many components with the Civic. All Honda CRX models have a mechanical fuel pump that can be easily located within the engine bay, making fuel-pump replacement much easier than on some newer cars.?æ

What is the Horsepower for 1990 Honda CRX?

For crx si the hp is 108.

Are 1992 prelude seats interchangeable with 1991 crx seats?

Not without alteration. You would have to use crx rail and drill the seat then bolt/weld together to make it work. not sure what you do about the seat belt mounting points.