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The Honda Prelude is a two-door sports coupe produced from 1978 to 2001 by the Japanese automaker Honda. This car during its production run served as a testbed for a number of features that would eventually be commonplace for the rest of the Honda line: examples include double-wishbone suspension, four-wheel steering, fuel injection, VTEC (after the Acura NSX), and ATTS.

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How do you replace or clean an EGR valve on a 1998 Honda Prelude 2 2L?

Most EGR valves must be replaced with factory dealer parts in order to pass state emissions. Aftermarket valves will not pass the test. Keep this in mind when you finally replace it. Sorry I cannot give you details on how to do it.

The typical EGR valve can be cleaned and possibly repaired in some cases. Carbon build up can be scraped and blown out with compressed air.A pinhole in the rubber diaphragm (a common problem)can be fixed using high temperature silicone sealant. Locate the hole with soapy water while blowing into vacuum hose. Clean area with alcohol and let dry. Apply silicone sealant with a toothpick to the hole while sucking on the vacuum hose to draw the sealant into the hole. Let dry overnight. Such a repair can last many years and pass SMOG testing easily, saving the owner hundreds of dollars for parts and labor.

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What are the numbers for valves clearance for a '96 Honda Prelude SI?

if its h22a engine intake are 0.15-0.19mm (0.006-0.007in) ,exhaust 0.17-0.21(0.007-0.008)

At the factory we set the tappet clearance to 200 microns plus or minus 20 microns. This applies to all L4 and V6 engines. The Prelude is built in Japan, but I would assume that the settings are the same.

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What is the cost to replace a CV joint in a 1999 Honda Prelude?

50$ if you do it your self which isn't to hard baring you have the right tools. mostly a 36mm socket to remove cv nut, free at autozone. good luckk

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Does a '97-'01 Prelude front or rear sway bar fit a '92 Prelude?

They are 2 different part numbers, so I wouldn't attempt trying to make it work.

No because the suspensions are completely different

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How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 1986 Honda Prelude?

Take the dash panel off under the steering column. There should be four 10mm bolts holding it in place. Then look reach up under the dash and your speedometer cable is connected to the left hand side of the instrument cluster when looking at the cluster. Towards the outside of the car if looking at the cluster from the bottom. The Cable is at least 3/8" thick and black. Grab it as close to the instrument cluster as possible and gently pull it out. Then open the hood and locate the cord underneath the windshield wiper motor. It may make it easier to remove the windshield wiper motor, but it's not critical. Find the cable and follow it. Keep following the cable through the engine bay disconnecting it from its little mounting points along the way until you get to the other end which is located on the back side of the transmission under the carbs. BEWARE the end that connects to the transmission has a small clip that holds it in place. Use a needle nose pliers or some other tool to remove this clip and place it in a safe place in case you need to use it again. Reach down and grasp the end as close to where it connects as you can and again gently pull on it until it comes out. Since both ends of the cable are now free, go back to the inside of the car by the instrument cluster and pull the cable all the way through the firewall from this side. Now that you have the old cable removed just reverse the process to install your new cable. The first time I replaced a speedometer cable on my 85 Prelude i lost my little clip and didn't install it. My speedometer still worked but it would stop working every once in a while for a mile or two. and good luck.

Tricks of the trade:

-Remove Wiper Motor for easy access to the firewall

-Remove air vent that is directly above speedometer cable in engine bay for easy access to that end of speedometer cable

-My speedometer cable broke directly at the end so to get the end out of the transmission, I used a magnet. The end popped right out.

-When ordering a new cable, measure the length of your existing one. I needed a 75" cable versus the 105" one.

-When putting the new cable in, you may have to finagle it to get it into the transmission. Keep working on it though, it'll go eventually.

-Good luck!

Crankcases and PCV Valves
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Where is the PVC valve located in a 1986 Honda Prelude dual carb?

Your pcv valve is buried under the carburators, you can see it sticking out of a smaller black box, it also has a small hose coming out of it. Any more questions on the subject email me. I have an '87 prelude dual carb, I am looking for a quality set of carbs for this car, one of the carbs is running extremely rich.

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Where can you buy a reasonably priced service manual for a 1998 Chevy CK1500 4x4 pickup truck?

Try any Pep Boys or automotive place like it (NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, etc.), they are written and Published by Haynes Inc. and are usually around 5-7 dollars.

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Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a 1994 Honda Prelude H22?

back of engine next to oil filter, close to the bottom, so you'll have to jack the car in the air.

Crankcases and PCV Valves
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Where is the PCV valve located on a 1987 Honda Prelude. I understand location just need to know what to take apart to replace it. Cannot see the top of the black box?


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Where can you see a wiring diagram of the pin connector for the stereo for a 1985 Honda Prelude?

try i know for a fact thay have one Try for the diagram.

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How do you change the front brake pads on a 98 Honda Prelude?

start by jacking up the car at the normal spot. take off the tire. then there are three screws that are very easy to get off. two on the side and one on the bottom of the brakes. after those 3 screws are off, the pad will fall out of the assembly. match direction and correct side for each pad, make sure to lube the pad if desired. after you place the new pads into the assembly, take a C-clamp to the caliper and push the caliper back into the assembly. place the caliper back over the pads and reconnect the assembly witht the three screws. replace the tire. make sure to pump the breaks a few times before driving.

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How can you open the hood on a '93 Honda Prelude if the cable is stuck?

Not entirely certain about this one but on most cars you can look up from under the front bumper and if you can see the hood latch you should be able to use a screwdriver or a pliers to trip the latch.

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How do you replace a rear view mirror on an '86 Honda Prelude?

I just took one off at a junk yard. It's not obvious...... All you have to do though is grab the rear view mirror with both hands, and yank it down, and toward the back seat, fairly hard. The mirror and the mount both come off, with a screw that stays in the mirror bracket. There's also a bracket that stays in the roof. Now you have access to the screws in the bracket in the roof. Now you can remove the cover that came off with the mirror, and also remove the bracket in the roof. It's fairly obvious how to put it back. You put the mirror and the bracket together, and then screw them in to the roof. Now you can snap the cover back on, and you're done!

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How do you remove the alternator belt on a 93 prelude?

find the belt tensioner and use a rachet to oush the tensioner back

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How to change 2001 Honda prelude head light bulb?

1. pop your hood2. look behind your headlight for the top-most bulb. disconnect the wire harness for that bulb.3. there will be a rubber grommit covering the bulb, remove that next and set aside.4. you will have to really lean over the car to see what I'm talking about on this step. inside the headlight housing you will see a metal clip holding in the bulb. you free the bulb, press down the metal clip and slide it to the side. it should swing open now, allowing you to remove the bulb. NOTE: pay attention to the way the bulb was sitting in the housing! it will help you put the next bulb in.5. replace the bulb with new one. wear gloves when you do this, any oil from your hands will create a hot-spot later when you turn the bulb on.6. swing the retaining clip back over the bulb, press it down, and slide it back to the holding position. again, you may have to lean over the car to see what you're doing.7. replace the rubber grommit. it doesn't have to be new.8. reconnect the wire harness.9. repeat steps for other headlight.

depending on the mods you have done to your car, you may have to remove some parts to have enough room to work in there. also, hyperwhite bulbs tend to blow out VERY fast. mine only lasted about 3 months before they went out. my girlfriends lasted 5 months, and my friends lasted 2 months. oem bulbs last the longest!

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How do you replace the cigarette lighter in a 93 Honda Prelude?

The best way to get to it is to take out the center consel. It seems like a hassle but its not that bad. I had to take it all out when I put in a new CD player. The trickiest part is getting to the screw that holds the shift boot cover to the consel. Once that stuff is out of the way, everthing will be easier to get to.

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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1998 Honda Prelude?

Try looking at the lower radiator hose. It should end up somewhere on the block. In any normal car, that is where the thermostat housing is located. my guess is there are two bolts on either side of the T.H., and a red, blue, or black ring that runs along the base, which is a silicone gasket. remove the bolts and pry the housing from the block (be careful). the thermostat should be seated inside the housing. when you install it make sure its pointed in the right direction.

Slightly more precise answer....The thermostat housing is on top of the engine at the transmission end. The thing you're looking for is silver and has one radiator hose, two sensors and a bolt with a hole in the middle of it (the bleeder bolt) sticking out of it. The left end of this assembly is held in with two bolts, like the first responder said. Use a 12mm wrench to loosen the bleeder bolt, then use a 10mm socket to remove the two retaining bolts. Pull the assembly (we'll call it a cup) away and you'll find the thermostat in the piece that's in your hand. Look at how the thermostat's sitting in the cup, then remove it.

Put the gasket on your new thermostat, and set it in the cup the way the old one was in there. There's a pin on one side of the thermostat, and it should be at the top. Put the cup back in its mount, thread in the bolts and tighten them to 9 lb-ft, or 108 in-lb if you've got a 1/4" drive torque wrench.

Now remove the radiator cap and pour some coolant in there. Use either "all makes all models" coolant or Honda Genuine coolant--nothing else. When coolant comes out of the bleeder bolt, tighten it and replace the radiator cap.

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Will a 1993 prelude engine fit in a 1990 prelude?

Yes, however the procedure will involve a lot of customization.

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How do you replace the heater core in a 1986 Honda Prelude?

To replace the heater core on the 83-87 Prelude with A/C The center console and the upper dash will be removed, This is not a job for the novice.If you have a Prelude without A/C the heater core can be removed simply by removeing the heater control valve which is under the hood behind the engine against the firewall, Then under the dash you will find the hose connections to the heater core entering thru the firewall, remove the clamps from the hoses, remove the t-bracket retaining screw and bracket that hold the heater core tubes to the control box, remove the screws that retain the heater core hose cover then slide the heater core from the control box and reinstall in reverse order.You can view a picture of the unit at [url] [/url] this link is for an 85 but they are basically the same.

Transmission Fluid
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What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 93 Prelude?

Pick up a Haynes or Chilton's manual. They list fluid capacities. is it a manual or automatic if it is a manual then it takes gear oil and the fluid is 2 qts if all the way empty if auto then it is 9-11 that is if torque converter is empty

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How do you remove the alternator on a 1987 Honda Prelude without ripping out the fuel injection?

You need to remove the air filter box. That should give you access to the alternator. this is true, some of the work you will have to do from unde the car.

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Why would the engine of a 1998 Honda Prelude continue to run after the ignition is placed in the off position and the key is removed?

This situation is referred to as "diesling." Usually occurs when the engine is hot and the carb needs adjusted.

AnswerGuess what Keith, there are no carbs on a 1998 prelude, they,ve been fuel injected for a while now,SONNY,. Look dude your best bet is its something with the ignition, or the brain(computer) of the car. Keith doesn't know what he is talking about. GOOD LUCK Answerit is the ingition swicth is bad causes a short. Pontiac transport have the exact problem. I have only seen 1990 transport so far. about ten i have done.
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Is there a restart button on a '88 Honda Prelude if so where?

The 88 Honda Prelude doesn't have a restart button. If you are turning the key and nothing happens except for the dash lights coming on, the problem is usually in one of these three areas: The Ignition Switch, The Neutral Safety Switch (which is located on the clutch pedal on standard transmissions and on the shifter on automatics), or the Starter itself. To test this, pull the small wire off the starter (it just plugs in), connect a test light to the wire, and turn the ignition switch all the way to start. If the test light lights up, you need a starter. If it doesn't, you need to reconnect the wire and have a professional look at the system.

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Will a 90 Honda Prelude motor fit in an 89 Honda Civic DX?

No, the B20A or B21A motors will not fit into ANY other car than the 88-91 Prelude it was intended for. This is because the engine block was designed to sit at an 18-degree rearward slant in order to clear the low hood-line of the car. So these motors will not work in anything but a 3rd generation Prelude.

If you intend to make it work and swap a B20A or B21A motor into a 4th generation Honda Civic then by all means have fun, but it will be neither easy nor cheap to do so because a lot of custom fabrication will be involved. It would be a waste of time and money.

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Is there a reset switch for electrical systems on Hondas?

Yes - you take the cable off the negative terminal of the battery and let the car sit with the battery disconnected for about a half hour until the capacitors in the ECU fully discharge. When this is done you can hook the negative cable back up and your ECU will be rest.

Also remove the fuse for the ecm (ECU) in this process and make sure you have your radio code before disconnecting the battery.

by doing that yu are pretty much doing a master reset


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