Does Israel believe that Islam is a true religion?

Israel is a piece of land, it does not believe anything. As concerns the Israeli population, there are disagreements. The Israeli Muslim minority certainly believes that Islam is a true religion, although some debate whether or not it is the only true religion. The Israeli Jewish majority has a variety of opinions. Since Judaism is not an evangelizing religion, most Orthodox Jews hold that while Judaism is right for the Jews, any religion that enshrines the Seven Noahide Laws is permissible for non-Jews. This would include Islam as an acceptable religion for non-Jews. It does not make its truth value equivalent to Judaism, but close enough to avoid objection. Less religious Israeli Jews have increasingly become polarized on this subject with some seeing Islam as another true religion to the degree that their Judaism is true (an ecumenical approach) or that Islam is based on false myths and plagiarized texts (an exclusivist view). Israeli Christians, Israeli Druze, and Israeli Baha'i tend to be quiet about their opinions concerning the validity of other religions.