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Japan has an alphabet, but it is not like Australia's.

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Q: Does Japan have an alphabet like Australia?
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Did the Japanese code use English alphabet and did the code intercept operators take down English alphabet?

Yes, they did. Like the alphabet here is ABCDEFFHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ so in japan its ¥£€#££€'

What kind of alphabet dose Australia use?

The language of Australia for business and government is English. It is written with the English alphabet.

What is the capital of Australia in Japan?

The capital of Australia is in Canberra, which is in Australia, not Japan. The Australian Embassy in Japan is in Tokyo, Japan.

What is the position of Australia to Japan?

Japan is northeast of Australia

What does Japan and Australia do the same?

what does Australia do the same to japan

How does coal provide wealth for Australia?

They sell it to country's like china and japan.

Why did Australia fight Japan?

because Australia hate and fight with japan first ^_^

What does Japan export to Australia?

The world's best marino wool ,minerals, metals, food articles like fruits, and many other things are exported to japan.

What is Japan's alphabet?

Japanese has no alphabet. It uses two syllabaries (Katakana, Hiragana), and about 2000 Chinese characters (Kanji).

What is the most popular sports played in Australia and japan?

In Australia, cricket. In Japan, karate.

Is Japan south of Australia and New-Zealand?

No, Japan is north of Australia and New Zealand.

What in Japan starts with the letter V?

NOTHING - it is not a letter in their alphabet