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Leanspa is really good which help to burn your fat in your body and given a good body structure.

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Q: Does Leanspa Burn Fat Supplement and How Does It Work?
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Do fat burning supplements burn fat or also muscle?

when you burn off fat you will always burn of muscle too, but if you diet and exercise correctly you muscle burn off will be minimal. The fat burning supplements don't actually burn off fat, they just increase you metabolism

Does a cold towel burn the fat?

Why in the world would you ask this question? If you want to burn fat, you have to work for it. Get up and go run! Don't be lazy. There are also many exercises for you to do to burn off fat.

Can your breasts naturally get smaller?

If you work out, you will burn fat and your boobs will get smaller.

What is the reason for gym?

The gym is a place to work out and burn calories and fat.

What is meant by the term Axix Ht?

The term "Axis HT" refers to a supplement which is commonly used by bodybuilders. The supplement claims to enable the user to burn fat and gain increased muscle mass at a quicker rate than usual. The supplement is non-steroidal.

What does the body prefer to burn glycogen or fat for energy?

it depends on how fat you are. it might be too much work.

How can you burn fat off your breasts?

You cannot pick and choose where to burn fat. If you work out, you will lose it evenly everywhere. You can tone certain areas, but cannot lose fat in just one place.

What 80.38 fat burn means?

That figure for fat burn refers to the rate at which you burn fat while exercising.

What did hominids eat to supplement their protein and fat?

fat rich termites

What are the best exercises for people that are overweight that want to burn fat?

Doing exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once can really help to burn more fat in a shorter period of time, and this will in turn help people who are overweight to burn more fat.

Is 104 fat for a ten year old?

No it's not healthy,I weight the same:(.work on exsxersising more and burn that fat we can do it!

Can almonds burn fat?

almonds have oil to burn body fat

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