Does Linux work on PC

Updated: 11/5/2022
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Generally yes. Most Linux versions will work on a standard home PC, and many will work on one too old and slow to run Windows.

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Q: Does Linux work on PC
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Can one use Linux on an apple Mac pc?

Absolutely. Linux will work fine on an Apple Mac PC. Linux can also be used for a selection of other computer brands.

Are Mac, PC and Linux software drivers available for this scanner?

You can use this scanner with any type of computer you have, be it Mac, PC or Linux. The Linux will take some work to install, but you can easily find Mac and PC drivers online.

What is the possibility of halo playing on a Linux PC?

None what-so-ever. Halo was developed with Microsoft. So Linux will not work with it.

Where can you get drivers for Linux that will work on your PC?

The drivers are typically included with the distribution. If your hardware doesn't work out of the box, there is a good chance it doesn't have any Linux drivers at all.

Is Linux considered a PC?

No, Linux is an operating system. Judging from the category: Your PS3 would be considered a PC after having Linux installed on it.

How do you play PC games on ps2?

you don't unless you install Linux on it and install wine from Linux and only some games can play in Linux so stick to playing PC games on the PC

Can PC games work on Mac?

There is a program being worked on called W.I.N.E whitch lets PC games work on mac and Linux computers. The list of games that work isn't very big, but is getting bigger by the day.

Why can't I get Linux to work on my Acer PC?

Please provide with more detail, as there are very many Acer PCs.

Does hackintosh run Linux?

a hackintosh is just a normal pc set up to run mac, most pc's run linux fine.

How do you get a copy of Linux for your home PC?

you can wait and then you could burn it on a disc and then you could make that CD that you burned of Linux and use it on your home PC

How do you answer describe your PC troubleshooting experiences or skills?

Tell them past history of what you've done to troubleshoot, what you know about PC's, the OS's related, what you know how to work with, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux

Can you install Linux on a PC?

Yes, of course.