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No. London uses the British Pound (£), along with the rest of the United Kingdom (Ireland uses the Euro)

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How big is London compared to the US?

London is a city and the US is a country. They can't be compared.

What is US money called in London?


How much is one pound in LONDON?

About 1.5 US dollars

What dollars does New York use?

us dollars

Can you use dollars in London?

Nope, you can only use GBP. (Great British pounds)

What is the highest denomination of US dollars currently in use?

$100 is the highest denomination of US dollars currently in use

Can you use US dollars in Dubai?

Yes, you can actually use US dollars in Dubai. However, it is easier to just exchange your US dollars into Dirham, which is Dubai's official currency.

How much is 100 US dollars worth in London England?

It is woth £63.09

Can you use us dollars in Iceland?

No but you can trade U.S.A. dollars for Icelandic dollars

How much is us dollars in European dollars?

Europeans do not use dollars, some use Euros, or pound sterling

What currecy does the US use business?

US dollars

Can you use us dollars in Thailand?

No, you have to exchange US dollars into Thai Bahts in one of the banks.

Can you use US dollars in Japan?


How much did the 2012 London Olympics logo cost?

The 2012 London Olympics logo cost £400,000 (which is about $620,972.63 US Dollars).

How much money does a pediatrician earn in London?

In US dollars, a pediatrician in London make about 161,000 dollars per year on average. The average monthly wage is around 13,000 per month.

US dollars used in Europe are called?

US dollars are called US dollars every. Different countries in Europe use different currencies. 17 countries use the Euro (symbol '€'), the rest use a currency that is specific to the country.

Can you use US dollars in Switzerland?

Some shops, hotels and restaurants catering for US tourists accept US dollars. If you use US dollars you will get a worse exchange rate than what you would get in a bank. Change will be in Swiss Franks.

What money do they use in Alaska?

They use US dollars and cents.

What currency do US use?

What currency do USA use?!?!?!?!?!

What type of money do they use in Florida?

They use US dollars.

How much is 2 pounds in London?

Two pounds is worth approximately three US dollars.

How much is 800. US dollars worth in London?

800 USD = 657.90 Pounds

Can I you use US dollars in Doha Qatar?

You will be able to use US Dollars only in the airport at Doha, and at some of the bigger hotels. US dollars are not accepted as currency in shops or restaurants but you can change these for local currency at the banks.

Can you use us dollars?

Yes? Why couldn't You?

Can you use us dollars in Kuwait?


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