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It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS


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M3i Zero Compatible with 3DS, DS , DSl, DSi, DSi XL/LL.Latest M3i Zero firmware GMP-Z003 updated on August 26th, it support Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4U/E and DSi V1.4.3 now.

Nintendo 3DS release for some days now, and there are many flash cards can break 3DS well, such as M3i zero, acekard 2i , R4i 3DS, supercard dstwo,i will recommend you M3i zero, it is one of the old and best card, and it is updateable, and will never blocked by Nintendo.There are many 3DS card in the market currently. such as 3DS card, R4i 3DS, R4iTT 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS, R4 3DS, Acekard 3, M3i Zero and so on. All of them can run DSi games on Nintendo 3DS.

Both M3i Zero and R4i card can work on Nintendo DSi V1.4.3 console.

The M3i zero card an support 99% DS and DSi games on Nintendo system. the only limitation is the MicroSD card.

All r4i cards work on 3DS. But you need to understand that the R4 cards does not work on the 3DS 3D games and only for DS games. For the first generation R4, it does not work on the cards, please refer to 'R4i cards' , 'Acekard 2i' , ' M3i zero'.

yes, the m3i zero is better because it is easier to upgrade. You can buy them online. If you can wait some times, you can buy online from China, it will arrive you from China in 10 business days by normal shipping. m3i zero and acekard 2i are very popular. but now, DSi V1.4.3 system released, Acekard 2i updated to work on v1.4.3 after many days, but m3i zero still hasn't released the patcher to hack v1.4.2. Now, both M3i Zero and Acekard 2i can support Nintendo DSi V1.4.2 and 3DS console. It is hard to say who is better. Both of them are popular.

There are 6 main flash carts for the DSi:Acekard 2i*Supercard DSOnei*EZ Flash Vi*DSTTiR4iM3i Zero*Also, be warned that DSi firmware v1.4 tries to block all flash carts from working, but the cards marked with an asterix (*) support kernel updates, so they may have a workaround soon.

R4i card is a slot-1 flashcard, it can only play DS and DSi games. M3i Zero is a multi-media flashcard, it not only can play DSi games, but also powerfull in multi-media play. M3i zero card can also play GBA games.

It is very close but I think that the M3I ZERO is better. It was hard to decide as both are made by 'm3'. I came to my conclusion because M3I ZERO already has a built in multimedia player where as you would have to install the latest version of moonshell to play multimedia files on the itouch 2 [enhanced]. (the only difference between ITOUCH 2 and ITOUCH 2 enhanced is that the enhanced version has a real time save).All in all it wouldn't be too much work to go ahead and install moonshell on itouch 2 and the itouch 2 is cheaper but if you are like me and want the most results with the least work I'd go for the m3i zero as it's only a couple of £/$ more.I used M3i Zero card before, it works well in Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS console. But I never hear about itouch 2.

In order to do a factory reset on a Nintendo DSi, you must "Format System Memory" within the "Settings" menu. Heed the WARNING screens that are displayed before you proceed. What's wrong with your DSi that it requires a reset? All settings should be reversible except the firmware version. I know when I had an M3i Zero I had trouble with the firmware, but it runs custom firmware anyway.

There are a few competing companies that have good products, but few have the reliability and features of the M3i Zero card. It has Real Time Save, Action Replay, flashable firmware, and fast loading of games. There is a list of certified vendors on the M3 manufacturer's list.

Yes. Put all the files on the cart, turn on the DS and close the lid. You will see the LED on the card turn on as if the cable is on there. ============== i think the answer above isn't right, i just tried that. put updated files and sytem files of m3i zero to the microsd card, then inset to ds, close the lid, nothing happen. actually, the m3i zero can only use flash cable to update, not like the acekard 2i can use DS or DSi to update. You need the power cable for M3i zero kernel update. If the cable lost, it is impossible to update again. I think it is a big trouble. You may send a letter to official website and ask for help.

in system settings using the arrows scroll to the far right side of options and press factory reset note:this will not remove the v1.4 update if you are trying to get yr R4i or M3i etc to work it will not

1. Download M3i zero kernel latest version from official website: The latest version is M3i Zero SP6 V2.0.2. which was released on 2011-6-10. You will get a zipped patch. 2. Unzip the patch, you can get a "SYSTEM" folder and a "F_CORE.dat" file. 3. Format the TF card, copy the "SYSTEM" folder and " " file to the root directory of MicroSD card. 4. Insert the thin part of the power cable into the power socket of M3i zero, and inser the USB plug into the USB socket of the computer. The Led inside the M3i Zero will blink. It will keep on blinking for about 30 seconds. While blink stop, the process completed. 5. Copy some games or media files to the root directory of the TF card.

there are some reason cause the m3i zero can't flash. First, check the microSD card, please try another microSD ,you'd change another brank or capacity microSD card for a test. Second,maybe the problem of the flash cable, if your friends have a m3i zero, you'd better borrow the flash cable for a test. I bought my M3i zero from, the cable defectived after several month, then i got another one from them. M3i Zero is no good. The firmware update is too hard.

It is illegal in some countries, such as the UK.

DS Flash Cards are a modification card that expands the features of Nintendo DS consoles. It is shaped like a normal game and fits in the top game cartridge slot of the DS. It allows you to view video, listen to music, play backup games, and run specialized homebrew software. Memory is exandable up to 32GB for all current cards. Top flash cards include R4 SDHC, EZFlash, iEdge, M3i Zero, Acekard. You can find them at reputable online vendors like the websites listed in the sources and related links (below).

Yes you need a sd card to download songs but i dont think you can download pictures ================== yes, you need a SD Card but you still need another device to read the songs and pictures from the DS card - Flash carts(such as R4i, m3i zero, acekard 2i or DSTTi),

The M3i Zero is capable of running the M3 Sakura firmware, which is the best firmware, but the M3 team is incapable of a truly professional job at polishing their corners. The Acekard2i is a decent runner-up, as they are SOMETIMES faster at improving game compatibility, but this is not the case lately with the unofficial Acekard firmware akAIO, its firmware of choice. Other problems with the akAIO is its total lack of WiFi connectivity. Despite its claims to the contrary, it does NOT have Wii connectivity either, much like any other flash card. The R4 is not worth looking into, as there are over fifty fakes using the R4 name to have to distinguish, and finding a genuine R4 card is nearly impossible, as well as disreputable vendors. If Cyclo had a DSi-compatible card, then they might be a potential choice, but unfortunately this is not the case. All in all the M3i Zero is the best choice for speed, and features. sets itself apart as being a reliable vendor, and its on the certified list of genuine M3i vendors.

If you can wait some times, you can buy online from China by normal shipping. Though it will take a longer time, by much cheaper than local shops.

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