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Yes. Massachusetts has been hit by tornadoes (including one of the worst in U.S. history), and hurricanes and does have gangs.

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Q: Does Massachusetts have any tornadoes hurricanes or gangs?
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Are there any hurricanes or tornadoes in Afghanistan?

No hurricanes or tornadoes have been recorded in Afghanistan.

Why aren't tornadoes and hurricanes on the moon?

The moon has no atmosphere for tornadoes, hurricanes or any type of storm to form in.

Has China ever had any hurricanes or tornadoes?

China has had tornadoes and has been affected by typhoons, which is what hurricanes are called in the western Pacific.

Has there been any other extreme weather like tornadoes or hurricanes in Hawaii?

Yes, Hurricanes and tornadoes have both been known to hit Hawaii.

What cities do not have hurricanes or tornadoes?

Cities that are inland are safe from hurricanes, but just about no place habitable to humans is immune to tornadoes. However in the U.S. west of the Rockies strong tornadoes are rare. Cities such as Phoenix and Los Angeles have seen tornadoes in the general vicinity, but they are almost invariably weak.

Does Miami have any urban problems?

yes. There are floods and hurricanes and tornadoes

Are tornadoes more likely to happen in the US than hurricanes?

Yes. The U.S. gets tornadoes every year, but sometimes goes a few years without getting any hurricanes.

Was there been any other extreme weather like tornadoes or hurricanes?


Did any tornadoes devleop from the hurricane?

Hurricanes often do produce tornadoes. If you are asking about a specific hurricane, please say which one.

Can their be tornadoes hurricanes and earthquakes at the same time?

Yes, but the chances of such an occurrence are extremely low. Hurricanes often produce tornadoes, but more often in their outer regions beyond the area of hurricane conditions (sustained winds of at least 74 mph). Hurricanes and tornadoes are not related to earthquakes in any way known to science. Many area that are prone to large earthquakes to not typically see hurricanes or tornadoes very often.

How can you prevent typhoon hurricanes or tornadoes?

There is no way of preventing any sort of natural disaster.

Do tornadoes have names and why?

No, tornadoes are not named. Unlike hurricanes tornadoes come and go too quickly to be named and there are far to many of them for there to be any semblance of an effective naming system.