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Does Michael Jackson have a girl named Lauren?

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no.his daughter name is paris.

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Why did Michael Jackson write little susie?

There was a girl named Susie who was murdered in the year of 1972 and Michael Jackson wrote and composed this song for her as a tribute.

When Michael Jackson was a kid what was his dog called?

Micheal Jackson's dog was named black-girl.

Did Michael Jackson rapped a girl?

If the question is did Michael Jackson rape a girl then the answer is no, he was never convicted of raping anyone

What song does Michael Jackson chase the girl?

the song that Michael Jackson chases the girl is "the way you make me feel"

What kind of dog did Michael Jackson have?

He had 4 dogs but they were mixed breads i know one was named black girl

What year did Candy Girl by Michael Jackson come out?

Michael Jackson did not sing Candy Girl, a band called New Edition did.

What is ledramaticscene?

a girl named lauren who has a funny youtube account

Does Michael Jackson want be a girl?

No he never wanted to be a girl.

Who wrote the Girl is mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCarthy?

The Girl Is Mine was written by Michael Jackson and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. Song was # 2 on the music charts.

Is Michael a boy or a girl?

Michael Jackson was male.

Does Michael Jackson have a kid?

yes, he has a girl called Paris Jackson and two boys called Prince Michael and Prince Michael II

What is a nickname for a girl named Lauren?

Renna, Renny, Lolo, Laur, Aury

What is the song Who Is It by Michael Jackson about?

it's about a girl cheating on him...

How many children did Michael Jackson have and by whom?

Michael Jackson had 3 kids two boys and one girl His sons names were Prince Michael and Prince Michael II His daughters name is Paris Jackson.

What is Michael Jackson's favorite kind of girl?

Michael Jackson favorite kind of girl is the kind who is honest and kind and respectful!!

Who was the 1st moshi member?

A girl named Lauren Blake in New York, it was in the newspaper.

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