Does Michigan require car insurance?


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The state of Michigan does require that all drivers have some car insurance. This includes either having liability or full policy coverage.

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GEICO is the best for Michigan car insurance.

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The average Michigan car insurance rate for liability only policies is about $2000

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The average auto insurance rate in the Michigan region is about $900-1200. Average car insurance costs in MI are 1800 dollars a year.

Almost all the major car insurance companies offer car insurance quotes in Michigan. State Farm, Geico, American Family, Liberty Mutual and All State will offer car insurance quotes online for Michigan drivers. In addition, Michigan drivers can head to a car insurance website like and obtain a quote from all major companies at the same time and compare the options. is a good place

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Detroit has the highest car insurance rates in the state of Michigan. On average, drivers pay 50% more for auto insurance in Detroit than in other Michigan cities.

Most states require insurance on every car, and if your car is financed then the finance company may require full coverage to protect their loan.

There are about 65 different companies that offer car insurance in Michigan according to the Michigan State buyers guide. Some of the better known companies are: Met Life Car, State Farm, All State and Esurance.

To get tags the car must be registered.To register a car most states require proof of insurance.

New Mexico does require that its drivers have car insurance. The minimum car insurance required is at least liability.

Yes. The only states that do not require car insurance are New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

If the car if financed, the lender will require you to insure it. If you own the car, and don't drive it, you are not required to have insurance.

The word obligated means: You Have To. Most States have minimum insurance laws. All lenders require insurance on the car.

Yes they do. You will have to get at least get collision insurance if you want to drive a car in Pennsylvania. More insurance is good though.

No, there are not any specific cheap car insurance providers in Detroit for automobile workers. There is only the nationally recognized ones.

no Actually, it depends on what you mean. In the U.S. you do not have to have car insurance if you don't drive a car, so if you don't own a car, by default you don't have to keep insurance, however, many states in the U.S. require you to have insurance if you are driving, so if you borrow someone's car, you may be required to have insurance while driving it. In the states that require insurance, you can get a ticket if you don't have it, so if you borrow a car, be sure the owner has it insured and ask him for a copy of the policy of proof of insurance card.

Texas does not require car insurance if you are not driving it. You will have to insure it when you decide to drive it again.

In state of Michigan, you can only have liability coverage if your car is paid off. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a full coverage policy.

NO, all insurance companies require you to carry insurance on a vehicle with a lien. What if it catches on fire or is stolen.

Drivers from Michigan can lower car insurance premiums by driving carefully, avoiding accidents and speeding tickets. There are also discounts available to good students, seniors, and veterans.

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