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Unless the judgment is worded to specificallyexclude certain privisions and/or specifically include certain others, just a general motion to vacate refers to the ENTIRE judgment.

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Q: Does Motion to vacate judgment means the entire judgment can't be appeal or just the vacated issue?
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Can you file a motion to set aside default judgment after 10 days?

If you didn't do it and the 10 day period has passed, and 10 days is the stated appeal period, then it is probably too late. You would have to file a motion with the court to re-open the entire case.

Is summary judgment final?

Summary judgment is a final judgment that disposes of an entire case or specific issues within a case without a trial. It can be appealed, but if no appeal is filed, the decision becomes final.

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A judgment creditor seldom lets a judgment lapse. That would mean the entire process of filing a lawsuit and being granted a judgment wasted effort. The only option of the debtor is to pay the judgment amount or reach a settlement agreement of some type with the judgment holder.

What if the judgment was paid except the court costs?

If the amount of the court costs was added into the total amount of the judgment, then you have not paid off the judgment. You have only paid off the debt that was the basis for the lawsuit. Until the entire amount is paid, the judgment creditor will not give you the necessary release or warrant of satisfaction you need to eliminate the judgment lien.

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