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Does Nat Wolff date girls younger than him?

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βˆ™ 2010-03-07 04:30:59

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i dont know, hes 14 turning 15 this year, like me, and hes really mature, so i doubt it, i think he either likes girls is age or old like allie/rosalinaYah but if the person is like 1 or 2 years younger. but 3 years possibly, 4 years no~ kalelahua :)

2010-03-07 04:30:59
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Does Nat Wolff date girls a year younger than him?

he will only date people his own age so if you are older than him stop but if you are his age go ask him out at

Does Nat Wolff date girls of different color than him?

srry no

Does alex wolff date girls older than him?

yes he loves girls who play softball

Would Nick Jonas date a fan younger than him?

Nick would date a fan younger than him. He said he will date girls born in early 1996. But not younger than that.

Is it bad for boy to date girl younger than he is?

Absolutly not, boys date younger girls all the time.

Does Roc Royal Date Girls one year younger than him?

Yes he does but not too younger than him

Does Diggy Simmons date girls 2 years younger than him?

In an interview he stated that he prefers girls that are a little bit older than him and dating younger girls in not really his thing but he would date fan

Would harry styles date older girls or younger girls than him?

Harry would date girls 14+ year old girls, however no one older than his mom.

Does Nat Wolf date girls younger than him?

yes he dates girls that are 10 and upto 13.

Does mindless behavior like girls younger than them?

Yes they like black girls. and maybe they will date people younger than them it depens that is there choice not mine but i know they like black girls so................

Is it okay for girls to date boys younger than them?

Yes. It perfectly fine for girls to date younger boys. And don't let anybody change your mind, if you love them, then that's a good enough reason.

Does roc royal date girls who are two years younger than him?

How are we supposed to know.

Will boys date girls younger than them?

not really, boys do not like little kids

What is the youngest Josh Hutcherson will date?

He will date girls that are 4 years younger than him. (I'm a friend:D) not older...He said he doesnt like to go out with girls that are older than him....why? How young are you?

How do you get a boy who is younger than you?

You don't "get" people to like you or date you. They have to chose to do this, and if he is several years younger he may not even be interested in girls or dating.

Will Harry styles date girls that are 8 year's younger than him?

Harry has said the youngest he will date is 14 years old.

Do guys like younger girls?

It all depends on the guy and how much younger you are. Most of the time guys don't want the girls to be older them, or so it seems. Some women don't want to date a guy younger than them.

Would christopher drew date girls who are younger than him?

he is over 18 so his girlfriend would have to be too. :(

Does Jacob latimore date girls that are two years younger than him?

I don't Know but my best anwser is no he dosen't

Should you like girls way younger than you?

It depends how much younger than you

Do rapper drake date girls who are 12 years younger than him?

I believe it is possible, if he meets the really special girl

Does Robert pattinson date younger girls?

Despite his ex-girlfriend being older than him, there are rumors that he's been hanging out with her co-star, Kristen Stewart, who's younger.So, I guess he's ain't against dating younger girls.

What is the youngest age he date girls?

He has a personal facebook, I can't give it away but he said he would date any age, just not younger than 11. And he wouldn't date older than his mom who is 42.

Would Harry wait for girls that are younger than him?

harry says he would date girls from the ages of 14-44 personally I don't think he would date anyone younger or wait for anyone, but keep your chin up and don't be disappointed there is always someone out there for everyone!:)

Chris Brown would you date someone who is 5 years younger than you?

Im sure he might date someone younger than him but not two younger than him maybe about 2 or 3 years younger.