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Pele was a soccer player and since he did not have much he played with a hackysack and became a world famous soccer player. That was i think a hobby.

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Q: Does Pele have any hobbies
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What are Pele's hobbies?

soccer and help deaf children

What are Pele hobbies?

peles hobbies were soccer! soccer SOCCER! he loved it so much

Did Pele have any siblings?


Did Simon bolivar have any hobbies?

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Most career goals by any footballer other than Pele?

Pele has recorded 1201 goals.

What were James Polk's hobbies?

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Why was Pele called Pele?

Because he is pele

Between Pele and Maradona who was the greatest player ever?

Pele on any day, he has 1,200 goals maradona is far away.

Who was better Pele or Ronaldinho?

Pele is far better then Ronoldhino any day. Pele was a heritage item in his playing days. and is the only footballer in the world to score one thousand goals.

What was John the Baptist's hobbies?

There is no evidence in the Bible that he had any hobbies.

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He has one son called Edson.

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no they are both 15, I know them

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Do any of the Xbox FIFA soccer games include retro players like Pele etc?

Fifa World Cup 2006 ... but not Pele :(

Is Pele gay?

Absolutely not!Pele is not gay

Does Pele have a dad?

Yes Pele does have a dad

Did William Shakespeare have any hobbies?

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Who is better Pele or villa?


Is Pele single?

No, Pele is not single.

Who is the lord of soccer?

ronaldinho, pele, maradona - any one of those

What were Mary Mackillop's hobbies?

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What is Pele's second name?

Pele has no second name. it's just Pele

FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

pele pele pele

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What are Pele hobbies?

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