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Does Randy Orton do drugs?

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yes his abuse are of pills cocain stereoids and a lot of more

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Does WWE Randy Orton smoke?

No, there is no way unless he took drugs

Does Randy Orton have earrings?

no randy orton does not have earrings

Did Randy Orton die?

No, Randy Orton did not die.

What is the religion of Randy Orton?

randy orton is christian

Has Randy Orton retired?

Randy Orton is not retired.

In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

Melina and Randy Orton?

Melina does not like randy orton

What is Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is a WWE Wrestling Superstar.

Did Randy Orton really die?

No Randy Orton did NOT die.

What is the randy orton smack?

The randy Orton smack is RKO

Does Randy Orton have a fiance?

RANDY ORTON IS SOOOOOO GAY Randy Orton is not gay he is married and his wife and he are expecting a child.

Does Randy Orton love Tiffany orton?

Randy Orton is married to Alexia Orton. Randy Orton's wife isn't named Alexia. Her name is Samantha.

Alexia l Randy Orton wife?

Randy Orton is married to Samatha Speno Orton

Was Randy Orton really re injured in a motorcycle crash?

he was knot he is suspended for using drugs

Who will Randy Orton or jack swagger?

The legend killer Randy Orton!

Does Randy Orton have a child by lita?

No Randy Orton does not have a child with Lita

What is the heigth of Randy Orton?

randy orton is 6 foot 4

Are kelly kelly and Randy Orton in love?

No, Randy Orton is married.

Where did WWE Randy Orton get his tattoos?

It is not known where Randy Orton gets his tattoos. Randy Orton has wrestled with the WWE since his debut in 2000.

Is Randy Orton dating Stacy Keibler?

No, Randy Orton is not dating Stacy Keibler. Randy Orton is currently married to Samantha Speno.

Who is better randy orton or hhh?

Randy Orton is better but triple h Have a laugh, Triple H would batter Randy Orton.

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