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Does Red cordial make you hyperactive?

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Only when spread between 2 buns.

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The main reason is the added sugar.

Red cordial is a drink that tastes like raspberry.

It is water that is added to a cordial.

Have made Tequila Sunrise by using red cordial in place of grenadine.

It will make you hyperactive

When a fluid is clear it is a homogenous mixture or pure.

possibly water makes cordial

Your mom is hyperactive in bed.

The hyperactive child was very abnormally active. She is very hyperactive when she eats too much sugar.

Hyperactive means super active. Hypo active is the opposite.

cordial was invented in 1900

Cordial is an adjective.

Hyperactive means more active than normal. Here are some sentences.I swear that dog must be hyperactive!Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can be treated with medication.Hyperactive children can't sit still.

No they just had too much red cordial for breakfast.

I appreciate your cordial reply.

Cordial has two syllables.

Unfortunately, the store hyperactive does not have a website. But, if you go to links such as, you will be able to see the clothing.

The side effect of Red Bull is that it makes you hyperactive, and puts alot of sugar into your bloodstream.

My sister's cat is so hyperactive it will jump from wall to wall!

Its the percentage of actual rasberry juice that matters. Must be at least 35%. Plain red cordial without any rasberry content will be useless. I am not sure of the rasberry content of anchor

You didn't say which meaning of the word you wanted to use. Here are some sentences with different meanings.She gave us a cordial greeting and invited us inside.Then, she offered us glasses of cordial.We felt we had cordial relations with her.The Priest drank a glass or cordial. The cat knocked over the glass of cordial onto the new sofa.After I had been playing outside with my friends, I felt tired and needed a glass of cordial to cool down.The host was cordial in inviting guests.

Coffee gets you hyperactive and alert; it may get you excited cause of the caffeine.

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