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The FTC seems to be concerned about this product.

look at it this way there is nothing i mean nothing in diesel or gasoline afected by a magnetic field. I work at a oil refinery and gasoline is made and tested there absolutely no effect what so ever as far as the claims of changing the polarity of the fuel.... no way... the fuel is traveling in a steel and or metal line to a metal carburetor or fuel injectors that have the same ground as the engine

In my experience, it incresed my fuelmileage, that´s for sure.

To see good results I tried tree devices instead of one. Well it works great. I cant even listen the engine running.

Why don't you try?

It's a complete SCAM. If they work, it would have been in all vehicles today, wonder why?

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:48:42
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Q: Does SUPER FUELMAX really make gasoline and diesel fuel burn more efficiently?
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Which is better for home use a diesel generator or a gasoline generator?

The most reliable power generators for home use is hardy generators,diesel generator are better then gasoline generator because Diesel generators use less fuel, the fuel burn cooled and there really quiet.

Can you turn a gasoline engine to a diesel engine?

Not really. You could start over and redesign an engine to be able to run on diesel but it would be completely different from the original.

Is there any engine works with both gasoline and diesel One engine with both fuel systems spark plugs when we use gasoline and diesel injection system when we use diesel?

No, at least not any piston engines. Diesels and gasoline/petrol engines use very different compression ratios, and you really wouldn't be able to use the same engine for those different kinds of fuels. Yes, there were some early farm tractors (1940's-1950's) that started on gasoline and them switched to diesel when the engine was warmed up. They had carburetors, distributors and spark plugs along with diesel fuel injectors.

Can diesel or biodiesel be used in kerosene space heaters?

Yes! Diesel, kerosene and gasoline are really the same thing except that they have different octanes. Diesel is the lowest refined gas then kerosene then your different octanes of gas. So, to make the octane the same as kerosene you simply mix the right amount of gas with diesel and voila, you have kerosene. I think u can use a lower octane than kerosene but NEVER put anything of a higher octane than kerosene! Yes! Diesel, kerosene and gasoline are really the same thing except that they have different octanes. Diesel is the lowest refined gas then kerosene then your different octanes of gas. So, to make the octane the same as kerosene you simply mix the right amount of gas with diesel and voila, you have kerosene. I think u can use a lower octane than kerosene but NEVER put anything of a higher octane than kerosene!

Which type of energy is used by car?

That really depends on the type of car; however, as of 2013, most cars use gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or some similar fuel, so they use the chemical energy stored in the fuel.

What are the positive impacts on the environment of gasoline?

there really isn't any

Do you really need premium gas?

not unless you have diesel.

Did Vin Diesel really die?

no he did not die yet

Which is faster diesel engine car petrol engine car if same power same cc engine is used which will move faster?

It really comes down to power-to-weight, gear ratios, etc. The notion that diesel vehicles are significantly heavier or that diesels top out at lower RPMs isn't necessarily true...while there are gasoline engines which can run 15,000+ RPMs, they're not representative of a "typical" gas engine. Diesel vehicles have substantially higher torque, wider powerbands, and higher thermal efficiency, which can very easily give a diesel engined variant of a car a significant advantage over a gasoline powered version.

What is the internal combustion engine?

sunil is really gay and sucks a call of duty 4!!!!!! There are several types: gasoline and diesel fueled are the two main types. Within those they have various combustion cycles: 2 cycle, 4 cycle, otto cycle, atkensen cycle, wankle cycle are some that apply to gasoline engines. The thing they all have in common is combustion is fully contained in a sealed chamber(s) inside the engine on a fixed charge of fuel and air. In general gasoline engines used to mix this charge external to the chamber in a carburetor and diesel used fuel injection to mix it in the chamber, now many gasoline engines also use fuel injection.

Is diesel fuel good for the environment?

Hello, I'm not much of an expert so to say, not ASE certified or anything, somewhat of a shade tree mechanic and have been a trucker for around 10 years though. I've found that diesel fuel is more environmentally friendly than gasoline as diesel burns 98-99% clean even if you do see smoke. The smoke isn't as bad for the environment as it looks. Diesel is also the leftovers from the other fuels and really cheaper to make, but the need for it is allowing it to be overpriced. I hope that helps you, I don't really have links for you, but that is what I have been told from several people throughout my career from knowledgable people.

Can cars really do wheelies?

yeah cars can really do wheelies,Vin diesel in fast and furious.

What if gasoline is used in a diesel engine?

Bad Things Will happenEither something expensive or something very expensive is going to happen. Since gasoline is designed to be resistant to self-ignition, gasoline in a diesel engine either won't ignite or will ignite at the wrong time. Some diesel engines run leaner than gasoline engines (meaning that the air-fuel mix has a higher proportion of air than a gasoline engine). That increases the chances that the gasoline won't ignite and that unburnt fuel will be sent into the hot exhaust system--where, ironically, it could ignite, leading to possible exhaust damage. Even if you avoid that disaster, you can expect to pay $500 to drain the fuel tank, clean out the fuel lines, and refill the tank with diesel. Some types of diesel engine use the diesel fuel as a lubricant for the fuel pump (remember, it's a fuel oil). Running gasoline through such a pump could lead to serious damage or failure, leading to a very expensive repair. Hi,your diesel engine will go really quick for a little bit.NOTHING MUCH WILL HAPPEN, the engine will not run or run so badly that you will have to investigate. drain out as much of the incorrect fuel as you can and refill with the correct fuel. If it is a diesel engine, use the primer pump to extract as much gas as possible. You can then top up with the correct fuel with as much as about a 5% mix, starting will take a little time but take it easy, once the engine is running smoothly again you can apply power, but take it easy for the first few miles. IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS, NO DAMAGE WILL BE DONE OVER A SHORT PERIOD. I HAVE DONE THIS ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS - THOSE THAT SAY OTHERWISE ARE JUST TRYING TO FRIGHTEN YOUR MONEY OFF YOU - I HAVE HEARD THIS COSTING PEOPLE THOUSANDS - ALL UNNECESSARY!

Is Vin Diesel a Muslim?

not really islam true legend :(

What is Vin Diesel really name?

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What is the molecular weight of gasoline?

Gasoline doesn't really have a molecular weight as such. It is a mixture of components with many different molecular weights. Answering this question any more usefully really requires an understanding of what you are trying to do.

What are the differences between 1 diesel and 2 diesel?

Are we talking diesel fuel? #1 is lighter and often called winter diesel. #2 will gel up faster when it get really cold like -25 Celsius which is about -15 Fahrenheit.

Is vin diesel really on Facebook?

Yes it is Vin Diesel, even though he is a very personal person he made a Vin Diesel page because he thought the fans needed one.

What will cause a diesel engine to smoke?

when it get really humid or very cold

What is the difference between a diesel engine and a petrol engine?

The major difference between diesel and gasoline is the way explosions happen. In a gasoline engine, fuel is mixed with air, compressed by pistons and ignited by sparks from spark plugs. In a diesel engine, however, the air is compressed first, and then the fuel is injected. Because air heats up when it's compressed, the fuel ignites. In brief, a petrol engine uses sparks to ignite its fuel/air mixture but a diesel engine uses only air compression to ignite its fuel. Petrol engines use spark plugs to ignite the fuel which is a mixture of air and petrol. A diesel engine uses a higher compression ratio when it compresses the incoming air, which creates a temperature inside the cylinder which is high enough to ignite the fuel when it is injected into the compressed air. Over long periods of running-time a petrol engine can be allowed to turn (revolve) much faster than a diesel engine - thus delivering much more power from a given size engine - which is why diesel engines are not really suitable for use in race cars such as Formula 1. Until the latest electronic engine and fuel management systems became available, diesel engines used their fuel much more efficiently than equivalent-size petrol engines. But even today, if you drove a vehicle that has a diesel engine, you should get up to approximately 30% more miles per gallon than if you used a gasoline engine which had the same power output. However, whichever type of fuel you use, the fuel economy you can achieve will depend very much on how you drive: if you thrash your engine it will use a lot more fuel than if you drive gently! If you do lots of short journeys - or leave your engine running unattended while you shop (which is illegal in some countries, e.g. the UK) - you'll use a lot more fuel per mile than if you drive freeways most days. Another consideration to take into account is that diesel engines cost a lot more to make than gasoline engines, so diesel vehicles sell at a higher price, but if you do a high annual mileage it is worth running a diesel because of all the money you will save on fuel. The gasoline in a petrol engine is fired by the spark plugs. The diesel fuel in a diesel engine is fired by compression. The compression ratio of the average gas engine is around 10 to 1. The compression of a diesel is around 25 to 1. Therefore a diesel engine must be built much stronger and heavier. A diesel will produce much more torque that a gas but a gas will produce more h.p. The diesel is better at pulling heavy loads which requires the extra torque or pulling power. In a Diesel engine, the fuel and air mixture is compressed about 20 times atmospheric pressure and is ignited by the compression heating of the gas mixture. Diesel engines have to be stronger to resist this higher pressure and so are heavier than petrol engines. One can be a lot more technical about it, but that is the basic information. To tell if an engine is a diesel or a petrol (Gas) engine, my favorite way is look for spark plugs. A diesel engine uses high pressure to ignite the diesel, a gasoline (petrol) engine uses a high voltage spark to ignite the engine. Similarly check for a distributor, which is required for spark plugs.

How do you get gasoline off of a couch?

First of all, you are really stupid if you get gasoline on your couch, second of all, did you drive into your couch? This does not answer the question, I know but I cannot answer such a dumb queston.

Vehicles today are powered by?

Gasoline and diesel are the most common. Some companies have cars powered solely by electricity, or some have cars that run on hydrogen although the hydrogen powered cars are extremely expensive and not really available to the public. Some people convert their diesel powered vehicles to run of vegetable oil, and their gas engines to run on propane gas. Ethanol is also common.

Why would a car refueled with jet fuel stall?

Because the spark plugs cannot ignite the jet fuel. Jet fuel is not comparable to a really high octane gasoline, as many people seem to mistakenly think. Jet fuel is essentially #1 diesel fuel.

How do you get a silly string stain out of leather seats of a car?

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