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i actually worked for sallie Mae as a student loan consultant. It depends on the type of loan that you are looking for. they all vary from loan to loan.

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Do you need a job to get a credit card?

Normally you need a source of income to get a credit card. Some credit issuers, though, will issue a credit card to a college student based on his parents' credit record; this is done with the parents' permission, usually with the condition that the parents are responsible for any delinquent balances. (This helps the student establish a credit rating, with the risk of the student demolishing the parents' rating.)

Does home foreclosure effect ability to get student loan?

In the US, no your eligibility for student loans is not dependant on credit or income.

What information is required to apply for Visa student credit cards?

Usually, one will need to provide one's bank details, evidence of income and proof of address. The application may be subject to a credit scoring check.

Where can a student get a credit card?

If you are a student and you are seeking to get a credit card, you may need to check with your bank for more information. If you have an account, steady income and can pay your bills on time, you may be qualified.

Does Sallie Mae student loans have good interest rates?

Sallie Mae student loans offer good interest rates for students but as with any loan you should plan on repaying the loan in the shortest period possible. You need to carefully consider the amount you need to borrow as well as the percentage of your future income that will be devoted to the repayment of the loan. Begin repaying your loan as soon as possible, Sallie Mae offers several repayment programs, each with a different cost to you.

How do i get a 1500 loan for a student with no job and reasonable credit?

Fill out the FAFSA form at your Financial aid office at your college. It is not based on income or credit.

What is the percentage sallie Mae can garnish from you per garnishment?

Up to 25% of your disposable income. Disposable income is gross - taxes.

Will co-signing a student loan harm your personal credit?

It will if the primary borrower does not keep the terms of the agreement. It will also affect the person's credit score such as the income-to-debt-to- credit ratio.

Is it possible for a student to get a mortgage with a partner that is already employed full time?

Yes, as long as there is enough income to support the payment. If you as a student do not have any income, the other person will have to prove the income to support the new mortgage payment, any loans (car,/student loans), credit cards in both names and the taxes & hazard insurance.

Is interest income normally credit or debit?

All income (or revenue) maintains a credit balance. Therefore Interest Income will maintain a credit balance and therefore is a credit.

If a defaulted student loan is consolidated with repayment at 0 does this affect credit rating for non-payment?

No, if you receive an income sensitive repayment plan after consolidating and the payment is $0 because of your dependents and income, then it will not adversely affect your credit score.

After a promotion how do you increase your listed income at the credit bureaus?

Credit bureaus don't usually keep that information. You provide it to prospective creditors when you apply for a loan or credit card.

Child is 18 can you get earned income credit for her?

Check irs.gov. It probably depends on whether she is still a full time student and is your dependent.

Is your eligibility for student government grants dependent on your credit score?

Student grants eligibility depends on your income, what type of grant you are applying for, and if you currently owe any government grant money.

What is the earned income tax credit for tax year 2009?

The earned income credit (EIC) is a tax credit for certain people who work and have earned income under $48,279. A tax credit usually means more money in your pocket. It reduces the amount of tax you owe. The EIC may also give you a refund.Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Publication 596 (2009), Earned Income Credit (EIC)

As co-borrowers do both credit scores count?

not always, in most cases whoever makes the most income is the primary borrower on the loan and the co-borrower is usually there for extra income and not their credit score.

What are private student loans?

The private student loans are the loans arranged by the student through any of the private banks at a fixed interest rate. To apply to these private student loans you need a cosigner unless your credit rating is too good and you have a source of income.

Can someone with bad credit get student loans?

Student loans are decided upon the income of the student and their parents and also the college course for which they are applying. Debt is not normally considered so even someone with bad debt would possibly be able to get a student loan.

Get a 4000 loan with poor credit but good income?

I have a good income but poor credit.

What are some of the positive aspects of student loans?

If you have low-income, the government will lend you the money to go to school. The same goes with bad credit.

What is the income tax credit for a child?

a credit agency garnished my income tax,is the the child tax credit exempt from the garnishment?

How do I get a student loan with bad credit?

When you apply for a student loan you go through the college financial aid office. They will have you fill out a federal student aid form. The form is really centered on income and less on credit. If you are still living at home and supported by your parents they will be required to fill out an income section and attach tax forms. If you are older and living on your own you are considered independent and will answer the income and tax questions yourself. The result of this is a number that is generated and the college will use that number and subtracting the cost of attending the college come up with the amount of your student loan. In this process nothing is said about a credit report. If you want there is a web site you can go to by the federal student loan office and they have an online form.

What is the journal of Dividend Income?

If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income

How do you get earned income credit?

You get the earned income credit if you are 25 years of age, your income is under $52,000.00 and you are not claimed as a dependent on another persons income tax return. You may also get the earned income credit based on qualifying dependents.

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