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Yes, as long as there is enough income to support the payment. If you as a student do not have any income, the other person will have to prove the income to support the new mortgage payment, any loans (car,/student loans), credit cards in both names and the taxes & hazard insurance.

2006-08-11 14:15:17
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What type of letter should be sent to a mortgage company when your partner agrees on you coming off the mortgage?

First you need to understand that a mortgage company will not normally let one party to a joint mortgage contract off the mortgage. You and your partner can not agree to change the mortgage between you, your contract is with the Mortgage company, NOT YOUR PARTNER.It is not in the Mortgage companies interest to allow a change to an existing mortgage as you are BOTH liable for the payments - if one of you stops paying they will go after the other for all the money.To get out of the situation you have to repay all the money you borrowed and get a new mortgage in just one of your names. This usually means one or other partner has to buy the other out.

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You on the deed but not the mortgage. When partner dies what happens You are on joint tenancy with him on the deed?

You own the land subject to the mortgage.

Is it possible for only one partner to have herpes?

Yes it is possible for you and not your partner to have herpes.

If you are moving into your partner's house how do you put your name on the mortgage?

Unless your partner adds your name to the title and then refinances, there is no way for you to get on the mortgage.

Can you get your bankrupt ex partner taken off your joint mortgage?

You would need to refinance your mortgage loan to remove the ex.

How do you take a partner's name off the mortgage?

You can't take someone's name off the mortgage. The mortgage belongs to the bank and both of you signed a contractual obligation. The mortgage must be paid off and refinanced in one name and the partner must convey their interest to the co-owner. Then the property and mortgage will be in one name.

Can ex partner change locks if both on mortgage?

You can't be denied access.

If you have a joint mortgage with an ex partner and you are refused a chage of parties for your joint mortgage are there any other options to getting them off the mortgage?

contact a real estate attorney in your state to assist you

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How do you remove your ex partners name off the mortgage?

It depends on who your mortgage is with. My mortgage is with Royal bank of Scotland and I have to apply for the mortgage all over again with my new partner. If your mortgage company investigate and think you can't repay the mortgage on your own they won't do it either. I would advise you speak to a solicitor.

What type of deed do you need if your partner is not on the mortgage but you want her to have interest in the property?

joint survivership

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Does your partner have any claim to your home after living with you for 3 years the mortgage is in your name to which you pay in full?


If a quick cliam deed was just processed to provide you with legal title to your principal residence with your partner how do you add your name to the mortgage?

The mortgage would have to be refinanced to add your name to it.

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No rights.

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Your partner and you want to buy your first home but you are Bankrupt is there anyway you can still do this together in the next year?

you and your partner can buy your home by selling your private assets or mortgage although it has its drawbacks,selling your private assets will help u raise some money for a start which will improve your mortgage application.

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