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Christian belief attributes a great deal of power to Satan, but always assumes that Satan will not use those powers to kill anyone. In the Book of Job, God instructed Satan to do any manner of evil to the person of Job, but to stop short of actually killing him. The Books of Matthew and Luke say that Satan lifted Jesus up and placed him on a pinnacle of the temple - if Satan can do that, he can pick an ordinary person up and drop him from a great height.

Christianity has more to gain by focussing our fear of Satan on the spiritual and eternal hellfire than on the possibility that he might kill someone..

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No he does not have such powers given to him. He has great power but it is limited. Anyone who kills themselves do so by their own decision and not by any power that Satan holds. Satan uses evil men to do his work, so in this case, an evil man may have strong influence over another to influence him to kill himself.

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He cannot kill anyone.

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Q: Does Satan possess unlimited Powers even to kill a person?
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Is your teacher the antichrist?

The Antichrist is Satan, and as Satan cannot appear in human form he cannot teach. He can but influence someone to teach his Antichirst doctrine. I believe that if a person is so evil, Satan may possess his body but you will not see Satan as he really is.

What manner of kingdom is that of Jesus when Satan tempts Jesus?

Satan was tempting Jesus with all powers. This is written as all the kingdoms in the world. Satan was tempting Jesus to get all powers in exchange for worship of Satan. One surprising element of this story is that Satan's ability to give Jesus all powers suggests that Satan has all powers.

Can a ghost possess you?

No a ghost can not posses you, only Satan can.

Why possess one person?

You can't possess anybody. That is a lie spread by the Christians and the Jews. Demons don't possess people either. Angels (enemy Nordics) possess Humans sometimes because they are very evil. If you are under the protection of Satan however, you will not have to worry about that. Hopefully you aren't a Satanist because you think it's cool, or think you are "evil" in any way.

Can spirits physically hurt people?

No they cannot, heavenly spirits cannot by their very nature cause physical harm. However, Satan who has the power to possess the body of some unrighteous person, can cause that person to harm others. I would like to add that Satan does get the blame me for many things when in fact it is we humans who are to blame.

Did Satan or one of his angels ever possess someone?

Yes the Exorcist was based on a true story.

What is Catholic belief concerning the existence of Satan and demons?

Catholicism teaches that Satan and demons are real entities that exist. They are fallen angels. Satan is the leader of the demons. They can possess people. They wish to harm human beings.

How do witches and wizards get their power?

From a Christian point of view they get their powers from satan.

Do people really get supernatural powers from Satan?

I believe it's possible yes.

Why do fallen angels possess people?

Another answer from our community:They pose as people to bring people to Satan(the devil)

Where did Satan get his powers from if God never gave it to Satan?

In Isaiah 45:7 it says that God created evil. But it doesn't say that God does evil in anywhere I looked . God could create evil things but it doesn't say that God makes you do evil. It's like God created the choices to do good or to do evil . It does say that God makes you do evil things. But you can say I'm looking for it. You could say that God created the powers of evil that Satan choose to use but God never forced Satan to use those evil powers.

How does Satan influence a person?

By making one believe in him.