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Does Sora die in kingdom hearts 1and 2 and 3?


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No, Sora never actually dies.

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NO!, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a game.

NO!! Roxas does not die, he simply merges with Sora because he is a part of Sora.

in kingdom hearts 3, sora isn't in kingdom hearts partial he kills himself to be reborned to make sure kairi is alive. riku is in the side of the darkness, riku is half of sora and sora is the future leader in organization XIII

No he didn't,he will come back if they make kindom hearts 4.

Xemnas is defeated by Sora and Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts II.

*SPOILER ALERT*Yes, Saix is eliminated by Sora in The World That Never Was, during the events of Kingdom Hearts II.

No death scene was played in Kingdom Hearts, so probably no.

Only when you die as Sora at a certain time when fighting Xaldin. You can't choose to be Mickey instead of Sora

In regular battle doing a mission if sora runs out of health, he dies. And you have a choice to retry or Quit to the main screen. Final Boss: Ansem captures Sora and Riku has to save him. If he doesn't get to Sora before Ansem drains all of sora's health. Then he dies. Other than those two Sora doesn't die in Kingdom Hearts 2

No because kingdom hearts 3 is related to kingdom hearts birth by sleep but Ventus lost his heart in Ventus's secret ending when Ventus gave Sora his heart, Aqua put Ventus into this dome like where Roxas found Sora in it in kingdom hearts 2. Aqua bilt that to make Ventus heal in Aqua's secret ending.

No, unless Sora dies. But, Roxas can't really "die" since he was never alive to begin with.

I highly doubt it, since there hasn't been any death scenes in Kingdom Hearts ever!

No you only play as Roxas at first then Sora, then King Mickey when he saves you when you die, then Riku when you save Sora from Xemnas.

He puts his whole being into an attack to save Sora because his best friend Roxas is Sora's nobody. I bawled my eyes out when he died he is the best person in Kingdom Hearts.

He put his whole being into a attack to save Sora, He fell to the ground and slowly returned into a somebody

he put his whole being into an attack while trying to save Sora, so in the end, He Died

All except Roxas, who merged with Sora and became whole. Here is a chronological list of the deaths of the Organization:Killed in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of MemoriesVexen - Killed by AxelLarxene - Killed by Sora, Donald, and GoofyLexaeus - Killed by Riku, possessed by AnsemMarluxia - Killed by Sora, Donald, and GoofyZexion - Killed by the Riku ReplicaKilled in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysXion - Killed by RoxasKilled in Kingdom Hearts IIDemyx - Killed by Sora, Donald, and GoofyXaldin - Killed by Sora, Donald, Goofy, and BeastAxel- Killed by himself, through a kamikaze attackXigbar - Killed by Sora, Donald, and GoofyLuxord - Killed by SoraSaïx - Killed by Sora, Donald, and GoofyXemnas - Killed by Sora and Riku

No.but you might think it was on the secret ending of kingdom hearts 2 but it was really roxas. Its not Roxas in the seacret ending its Ven.

I think Kingdom Hearts 2 is better, because you will probably understand what the storyline is, you get forms which allow you to become a bit stronger, enjoy the characters in every world and if you die in any boss battles you may play as Mickey and and choose to hurt the boss or revive Sora!

he dosen't truly die he flees from cloud after cloud used some energy attack it looks like it did though but in the end he flees if you mean final fantasy advert children for kingdom hearts one Sora beats him and again he flees kingdom hearts 2 ??????????????????

Demyx, you mean, does not appear in KingdomHearts. He appears in KingdomHearts2 and he gets defeated by Sora. So yes, you could say he died

If you're referring to kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep, then no. This game takes place before sora, kiari, and Riku. There are three different main characters- Ventus (who looks exactly like roxas), Aqua, and Terra. It's more of a prequel to the Original kingdom hearts (2) games because it takes place ten years before and more thoroughly explains things. Also this game is only available for psp

there is a kingdom hearts 3 for the ps3 but we dont kno if riku dies in kingdom hearts 3

Sora kills off a large proportion of them in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chain of Memories. Here they are in roughly the right order: Xion is defeated by Roxas, who is unaware of his actions Vexen is incinerated by Axel Larxene is defeated by Sora and fades into darkness Marluxia is defeated by Sora and has an epic death sequence Lexeaus is slashed through his stomach by Riku Replica, who is possessed by Ansem Zexion is strangled and drained of his life energy by Riku Replica, who is being manipulated by Axel Demyx is defeated by Sora Xaldin is defeated by Sora Xigbar is defeated by Sora Luxord is defeated by Sora Saix is defeated by Sora Roxas merges with Sora, so does not technically die Xemnas is defeated by both Sora and Riku

They don't die, they just fade. Anyway, no, not all of them die. Roxas merges back with Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2. The others all fade one way or another.

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