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Does Sweden have Area Codes?

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Yes, Sweden has area codes ranging from 1 to 3 digits, not including the trunk prefix 0. For example, area code 08 (or +46 8) is Stockholm, and 0687 (or +46 687) is Svenstavik.

(The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)

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What is the area of Lapland Sweden?

The area of Lapland - Sweden - is 109,702 square kilometers.

What is the total land area of Sweden?

The total land area of Sweden is 410,335 km2.

How do I use a map to find area codes?

If you look at maps, you will not find area codes. Area codes can be found on area code locator websites. Another place to find area codes is in the telephone directory.

When did area codes begin?

Area codes were introduced in most of the US and Canada in 1947. Area codes were introduced in the UK in 1958.

Area codes for cellphone in Ohio?

Cellphones in the US use the same geographic area codes as landlines. Ohio has several area codes.

What are the top 5 states for phone area codes?

In the United States, the states with the most area codes are:California (30 area codes, will be 31 as of 2012-11-20)Texas (24 area codes)Florida (17 area codes)New York (15 area codes)Illinois (13 area codes, with three more planned for 2013)When area codes were first introduced in 1947, California had 3, Texas had 4, Florida had only 1, New York had 5, and Illinois had 4.

What is the toltal land area of Sweden in sq miles?

The land area of Sweden in sq miles is 173,860

When did area codes start in Texas?

USA introduced area codes in 1947.

When was area codes originated?

Area codes in the US and Canada were introduced in 1947.

What is a general purpose area code?

In North America, general purpose area codes are area codes that are available for assignment as geographic area codes; in other words, all unassigned area codes that are not reserved for other purposes. Area codes ending in '11' are unusable due to conflict with N11 short codes such as 911 and 711. Area codes with the second and third digit the same are reserved as "easily remembered" codes such as 800/888/877/866/855/844 toll-free and 900 premium numbers. Area codes with '9' as the middle digit are reserved for future expansion. Most other unassigned area codes in the range 200 to 999 are general purpose area codes.

Is Poland larger than Sweden or is Sweden larger than Poland?

Sweden has an area of about 449 000 km2 Poland has an area of about 312 000 km2

How many area codes are there?

There are about 300 area codes in the United States, about 30 in Canada, and about 20 in other miscellaneous islands in or near the Caribbean that share country code +1 with the US and Canada. There are about 400 area codes in Mexico. There are about 600 area codes in the UK. There are about 5,200 area codes in Germany.

Where can you find area codes?

Area codes for different areas in the country can be found in a variety of places. Phone books frequently have a listing of regional area codes in them. Alternatively, there are a variety of websites dedicated strictly to finding area codes.

What is the area code for Sundsvall Sweden?

Sundsvall is in Swedish area code 060, which is +46 60from outside Sweden.

What is the postal code for Uppland Sweden?

The postal codes vary depending on the city. You can search for postal codes in Sweden and other countries here:

Where in Sweden is area code 31?

Area code +46 31 (or area code 031 as dialed within Sweden) is Göteborg (Gothenburg).

When were area codes first issued?

The first telephone area codes were issued for the USA and Canada in 1947. The first telephone area codes were issued in the UK in 1958.

When were telephone area codes first used?

Telephone area codes were first introduced in the United States and Canada in 1947. The UK introduced area codes in 1958.

How many Ohio area codes are there?

There are currently 10 area codes in Ohio. When Ohio needs more area codes they will introduce an eleventh area code for the Columbus/Central Ohio area and a twelfth area code for the Cincinnati region.

What is the ZIP code of Sweden?

Different cities have different zip codes.

What is the area code for Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia is in area codes 215 and 267. The suburbs are in area codes 610 and 484.

What is the area code for Boston Massachusetts?

Boston is in area codes 617 and 857, with several other area codes in the suburbs.

How big is Sweden in kilometers?

Sweden covers an area of 449,964 sq km.

What the size of Sweden in square miles?

Sweden has an area of 173,860 square miles.

Is UK bigger than Sweden?

UK, population = 66 million, area = 242,495 km2 Sweden, population = 10 million, area = 450,295 km2 So Sweden is bigger in AREA but smaller in terms of POPULATION.