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Does Texas law require an autopsy?

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During some circumstances. Generally if the death is suspicious, or the death of a child under the age of 6.

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Does California law require an autopsy for suicide?

No, California law does not require an autopsy for a known suicide. If the death is suspicious or reasons for death are unknown, an autopsy is required.

Is Texas resident who commits suicide required by state of Texas to have autopsy?

Any unattended death requires an autopsy

What hospital was john f Kennedy taken to get an autopsy?

A hasty autopsy was done at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas. A second autopsy was done at Bethesda Naval Hospital outside Washington, DC.

Is it a law to have a autopsy on a sudden death or unexpected death?

In most states, it is the law that people who die in sudden or unexpected ways be given an autopsy. The reason for this is so that the coroner can rule out foul play, or murder.

What amount of comprehensive insurance does the state of Texas require?

The law requires that people who drive to pay for the accidents they cause.

Does California law require an autopsy if the death is in a teaching hospital?

An autopsy is not required when a person has been under physicians care in a medical facility at the time of death. The exceptions would be, if the cause of death cannot be determined or if there is reason to believe negligence or a criminal act (such as assisted suicide) is involved. Immediate family members have the legal right to request an autopsy if they so choose whether the attending physician is in agreement or not.

Does a motorcycle have to have mirrors in Texas?

Yes. Texas law requires a motorcycle have a mirror, but as far as I know, it does not require two mirrors nor does it specify which side the mirror should be on.

What is the law for adultery in Texas?

There is no adultery law in Texas.

Do life insurance policies require an autopsy or other exams at time of death?

Not usually. However, if there is any suspicion surrounding the death, the policy may not be paid before completion of an autopsy. The life insurance policy should state whether or not the company can request an autopsy.

When a child commits suicide is a autopsy done on the child?

It would be pretty standard to do an autopsy on any death that was murder or suicide. It would require special circumstances in most jurisdictions for there not to be one on a child.

Does California law require hospitals to place the deceased in a body bag under all circumstances?

It only appears that way if there is going to be an autopsy, and even then you could use an evidence sheet

Does Texas law require out of state felons to register when they move to Texas?

As far as I know, the only people that have to register in Texas are sexual offenders. So if the felony that was committed is a sex crime, then yes, you have to register. -Police officer

What is the prefix for autopsy?


Does Michigan law require an autopsy?

Autopsies are not generally "required" in any state by law. However, the autopsy is a tool the Medical Examiner uses to determine the cause of Death: Homicide. Accidental. Natural Causes. This way the police have more information on the victim to best bring justice to the family. Now, an autopsy is sometimes "requested" by a Life Insurance Provider before the release of any benefits. Also, the victims family can "request" an auotopsy not be performed because of religious reasons. However, an autopsy is not always needed if the person died from a diagnosed terminal illness, and has been in the care of a physician. In any case whether autopsies is performed or not performed is ususally up to the family.

Do mongoose require exotic animal license in Texas?

Texas does not require mongoose to be licensed. It does not fall under the wild animals laws or acts in Texas.

Where do you register your gun in Texas?

Texas does not require gun registration.

When was Texas Law Review created?

Texas Law Review was created in 1922.

When is a runoff election required in texas?

To quote Texas law, "If no candidate for a particular office receives the vote necessary to be elected in an election requiring a majority vote, a runoff election for that office is required." Since originally answering this question, I have learned that in the case of elections governed by Texas state law rather than local law only primaries require a majority vote.

Does the University of Texas have a Law School?

Yes, the University of Texas at Austin School of Law:

What Law schools do not require the lsat?

Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA does not require the LSAT.

Mandatory handgun registration in Texas?

No, Texas does not require handgun registration.

How old do you have to be to register a handgun in Texas?

Texas does not require handgun registration.

How do you request an autopsy?

You ask an autopsier to do an autopsy

How much does an autopsy cost?

a standard autopsy is between $2000 and $6000 a virtual autopsy is about $1000

Does Texas require you to register a handgun?