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Does The Bible say venerate?


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The specific English word venerate is not used in the KJV biblical text. The word fear is used as translation for the Hebrew word 3372 "yare" which means morally to revere. This is different from the Hebrew word 367 "eymah" which is also translated fear and which means to be frightened, dread, fear, horror, terror

In Hebrews 12:28 Paul uses the Greek word "yoo-lab-i-ah" 2124 which means caution, i.e. (religiously) reverence (piety); by implication, dread (concretely) fear; which is translated fear in the English. He also uses the Greek word "ahee-doce" 127 which means bashfulness i.e. towards men, modesty or (towards God) awe; which is translated reverence in the English.

In Matthew 10:28, Christ uses the Greek word 5399 'fob-eh-o" which means to frighten i.e. passively to be alarmed; by analogy, to be in awe of, i.e revere, be (+sore) afraid, fear (exceedingly), reverence, which is translated fear in the English.

In conclusion venerate is not specifically used but there are several references to revere which are translated fear.