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No, and using windows 7 is not legal

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โˆ™ 2012-08-18 12:14:45
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Q: Does Windows 7 loader work with Parallels on a Mac?
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Will Windows 7 work on a MacBook?

Yes, you need to install Windows 7 onto Bootcamp (which comes free with the mac) or parallels, which you can buy. Then you can boot into Windows 7 or Mac OS X.

What windows does iMac work with?

Windows software will not run on Mac. The Windows operating system will run on any Intel based Mac in dual-boot mode. You can use Boot Camp which is already installed on your Mac or another program such as Parallels.

What is the name of the windows boot loader program?

the loader of practically all computers EXCEPT MAC is dos. for mac it is lunix(unix)

Where can one purchase a cheap Mac from Parallels?

Parallels isn't a place that sells Apple Mac computers. It simply allows an Apple Mac user the opportunity to purchase Windows operating systems for their Mac.

What type of software is Parallels Desktop for Mac?

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a software package for Mac users to run Windows applications on their computers. This package is available from Amazon and many others

Can you move your windows partition on your mac to an external hard drive?

You can certainly move Windows to an external hard drive but Windows will not boot directly from an external drive. If you are running Windows in Parallels (See links below) you can have Parallels installed on the Mac's drive and then have your Windows virtual machine on the external drive.

How can you get your Mac to have PC software?

Software is designed to work with a particular operating system. The Mac uses the Mac OS X operating system but you can also install the Windows operating system on a Mac. Windows is usually installed on a Mac by using Boot Camp (see the assistant in the Utilities folder) or with an emulator such as Parallels (See links below). With Windows installed the Mac can then use Windows software.

Can you play assassins creed on Mac?

yes you can as long as you have parallels or bootcamp installed to your mac and your computer has the right video card requirements Parallels and bootcamp are ways to run windows on the mac

How do you install Windows 7 on a Mac?

Windows 7 can be installed on a Mac either through the Boot Camp utility or with Parallels (See links below).

How do you enable your mac to open exe files?

You can buy a copy of Windows and with Apples Boot Camp drivers you can install Windows on another partition of your Mac and boot into a full install of Windows. Or you can buy and install Parallels, VMWare, etc, and buy a copy of Windows then install windows via Parallels or VMWare to use Windows while booted into the Mac OS. You don't have to keep booting back and forth between the Mac OS and the Windows OS.

What advantages you could gain from Parallels Desktop for Mac Premium Edition?

With Parallels Desktop for Mac Premium Edition you can: • Enhanced! Enjoy improved Mac OS X Leopard • New! Use two identical CD/DVD drives in your Parallels virtual machine • Run Windows programs like native Mac applications with Parallels Coherence, now with Apple Expose' and transparent windows support • New! Open Windows files with Mac apps and Mac files with Windows apps using Parallels SmartSelect • Share files and folders between Windows and Mac OS X • New! Access Windows folders and files without launching Windows using Parallels Explorer • New! Run selected PC-only 3D games and graphics applications on your Mac • Enhanced! Achieve maximum performance by leveraging Intel® Virtualization Technology • New! Protect your Windows virtual machine with Parallels Snapshots • New! Map Mac folders to Windows letter drives for quick and easy access to your favorite Mac files • New! Keep your favorite files at your fingertips. Windows now mirrors the contents of your Mac's Home Directory.

You want to share your files both in Mac and Windows with Parallels Desktop for Mac Premium Edition can you do it?

Parallels features true copy & paste and drag & drop - move files, folders and data seamlessly back and forth between Windows and Mac OS X.

Is it possible run Microsoft Access on a MacBook Pro with parellels desktop installed after installing windows 7 XP or vista I want to buy a MacBook Pro but I still need to use Access for work?

It is possible to run Microsoft's Access on a MacBook Pro with Parallels Desktop. Parallels creates a virtual Windows computer on the Mac where you can run your Windows software. The Access database will need to be on the Windows side - either on the Parallels virtual disc or a connected Windows network as it will not be recognised if located on the Mac OS X hard disc.

Is Windows software compatible with Apple computers?

Windows software is compatible with Apple Computers, but you must have Windows installed on your Mac to do so. If you have a Mac made after 2006, you are able to install Windows on your computer, and you can use a virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop to run Windows from your Mac.

How do you get a cheap version of parallels or something like it?

Parallels Workstation for Windows? Use Sun's Virtualbox (information at Parallels for Mac? Try Qemu, which may or may not work, due to its somewhat experimental status (OS X port at

Will the The Logitech Dual Action Gamepad work on an Apple MacBook?

The Logitech Dual Action pads only work on PC's, unfortunately. Consider getting Parallels for Mac so you can use Windows.

Will flatout 2 for windows work for mac?

Games written for the Windows operating system require the Windows operating system to work. If the Mac has Windows installed on it then it will work otherwise it will not work.

How do you play windows games on a mac without installing anything?

Windows games are written to work with the Windows operating system. The Mac does not use the Windows operating system and so the game will not be able to work on a Mac. You will need to install the Windows operating system on your Mac or some software that emulates the parts of the Windows system that the game needs to have a Windows game work on a Mac.

How do you install Windows on your iMac computer?

With Boot Camp which comes preinstalled on a Mac or with Parallels which you must purchase.

Will Windows 7 work on a Mac?

Windows 7 will work on a recent Mac (See links below).

Can you download the zune software to 2010 iMac?

Not without installing Windows on your Mac. You can use Macintosh Boot Camp or Parallels to install Windows on a Macintosh computer. Remember, once you install Windows on Mac you must into install security software for that Windows partition.

Can Microsoft Office 2010 be run on a Mac computer?

Yes but you have to purchase and install the Microsoft office 2010 software for macs. The regular Microsoft office for Windows won't work on the mac operating system and macs won't work on windows unless you install the windows operating system using parallels or boot camp. Ask about it at your local Apple Store.

If I download Windows 10 on my mac will all of my files get deleted?

You cannot just download and install Windows on your Mac. To install Windows on your mac you will have to partition your hard drive and then install Windows on that new partition. This will have no effect on your existing OSx. To do this you can use Boot Camp already installed on your Mac or Parallels which you must purchase.

Does windows game run on Mac?

Games written for Mac OS X will work on a Mac. Games written for the Windows operating system will require the Windows operating system to be installed on a Mac to work. Some Windows games can be used on a Mac without Windows by using CrossOver Games software.

Can you run Windows XP on a Mac instead of Mac OS X?

If the Mac has an Intel processor (if it is not too old it will do) it can be downgraded to use the Windows operating system. This can be done with Mac OS X's BootCamp utility or with virtualisation software such as Parallels or Fusion. (See links below)