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No , the girl would not have to give up her baby however if social services see that you are struggling or your mother or father say they wouldn't help you then however they might take the baby from you. But other then that it's the mothers choice. If you do want to give the baby up for adoption oyu will also need the fathers approval.


Finally if you are pregnant, the answer to your question is no. No, no one will make you give up your child for adoption, unless there is reasonable cause to think that you cannot take care of the child. At 14, you will be unable to get your own apartment or get a job or even drop out of school. You need your high school diploma or GED to be able to get that good job and you will need immense support and help from a parent to support you and the father and the baby or just you and the baby. No, you don't have to give up your baby for adoption, but please consider what is the best option for your child.

You can go to this website and find a housing for you and you baby in the

state you live in if you feel staying in your own home might be unsafe.

and if you do want to consider adoption, this place can give you a place to live.

Good luck.


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She didn't give her unborn baby up for adoption. She aborted it.

About 1% of pregnant teens give the baby up for adoption..

that is not right thing to the mother MUST have a say it is her child she give birth to a baby NOT YOU

Yes a couple, married or not, can certainly give their child up for adoption.

About 1% of pregnant teens give the baby up for adoption..

I would think that if the mother and father are not together and the mother is willing to give up custody of the child to the father than the father would have rights to the child. If the adoption papers haven't been canceled yet they will have to be signed when the baby is born saying that the mother and father give up parental rights to the child

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Yes, you can give a child up for adoption without going through an adoption agency. It's called a private/independent adoption.

no you can put your baby up for adoption anytime but its too late to get an abortion

You can give a baby up for adoption anywhere that you live in the U.S. The people who adopt the baby may not live in NY though.

There is always adoption.. Make sure you feel comfortable giving it up before you do. Otherwise, try raising never know.

Same reason you would if you were a 16 year old mother whos boyfriend left her...

Yes as she is a 17 year old girl, with no way of supporting her baby, it would be in the best interest to give the baby for adoption without the parents consent.

750000 get pregnant each year and 1% give their children away for adoption.

I highly doubt that, the father has rights to that child, regardless of if they are married or not.

No, but a court may order it if it is in the best interest of the baby.

In China if someone has more than one baby the parents has to pay 5 years salary to keep an additional child. If they can't the mother has an abortion or give the baby up for adoption.

Yes. But think about what you are doing because a adoption is nor reversible.

No, because that would be like selling your baby and that is inhumane and also illeagal

Don't kill the baby, give it up for adoption if you don't want it. As for the boyfriend, he is wasting your time. You should have the baby, give it up for adoption and move on.

Contact a local adoption agency. They can arrange prospective adoptive parents and meeting to discuss the options you have regarding the idea.

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