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Most GM passenger vehicles didn't have ABS as a standard feature until 1992. Some 1990 and 1991 vehicles had ABS as an option. The best way to find out is to lift the hood and look at the lines coming out of the master cylinder. If the lines go into a block with an electrical harness attached to it, chances are your car has ABS. The safest way to determine if you have ABS is to take your car to your mechanic. After all, he or she is supposed to be the expert.

Or, drive on the ice and step on the brakes and see what happens.

when you turn the ignition key on so the dash lights are lit if there is ABS brakes a light will show for a couple of seconds )no light no ABS

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Q: Does a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am have anti-lock brakes?
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=== === === ===

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