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Yes it has one. Go to and click component locations.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 14:00:43
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Q: Does a 1996 ford Crown Victoria have a flasher for the turn signalemergency lights if so where?
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Crown Victoria blower not working head lights?

crown Victoria blower not working and head lights.

Where is the flasher relay on a 1999 Crown Victoria?

In the 1999 Crown Victoria the LCM, Lighting Control Module , contains the relay for the turn and hazard flashers. This located under the dash.

Are all four lights on when brights are on 1992 crown Victoria?


Were is the fuse for back brake lights for 2005 Ford Crown Victoria?

what number fuse for the break lights

Where is the signal flasher on a 2006 ford crown Victoria?

All lighting is controlled by the LCM (Light Control Module)

How do you use the bright lights in a Crown Victoria?

You don't say what year of Ford Crown Victoria , but if you move the turn signal lever forward it will turn on the high beam headlights

1998 crown Victoria lights wont work its not the wiring?

Check the headlite switch.

What is wrong with a 1989 Crown Victoria when the tail lights dash lights and tag lights went out but the fuse is good?

Replace the headlihgt switch, it's a common problem

Crown Victoria brake lights don't work?

Check the bulbs, the fuse then the brake light switch.

Will a 2006 Crown Victoria transmission fit a 2004 Crown Victoria?


Where is the flasher on a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria?

Just found website that has the answer. I am having the same problem. In the fuse box is a spot for a canister type flasher relay, but there is no wiring for it. The flasher relay is located on the lmc or the computer board. Here is the website that has pictures.

Will a 2001 Crown Victoria rim fit a 2000 Crown Victoria?


Will a 2006 Crown Victoria transmission fit a 2005 Crown Victoria?


When was Ford Crown Victoria created?

Ford Crown Victoria was created in 1955.

Can a 1996 Crown Victoria transmission fit into a 2000 Crown Victoria?


Does 2003 Crown Victoria transmission interchange with 2004 Crown Victoria?


Will the motor from a 1997 Crown Victoria fit a 2003 Crown Victoria?


Do a 2001 Crown Victoria an a 2003 Crown Victoria has the same engine?


What could be the problem when the dashboard lights and taillights are not illuminated on a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?

The park lamps fuse is blown

What causes your 2005 crown Victoria turn signals to flash rapidly?

Usually this tells you that 1 or more lights are burnt out.

Will lighting control module from a1999 Crown Victoria fit a 2004 Crown Victoria?


What are the meanings of the symbols and warning lights on a 1997 crown victoria?

You can view the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guide online at : ( www . motorcraft service . com ) no spaces Click on Owner Guides The Owner Guide shows pictures and meanings

Where is the fuse for the speedometer and gas gauge display lights in a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?

It is in the fuse box underneath the dash. Do you have tail lights? If not, you may have a bad light switch.

Will a fender off an 2000 Crown Victoria fit a 2003 Crown Victoria car?


Fuse diagram for 1995 Crown Victoria?

looking for 1995 crown victoria fuses location