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Does a 2000 Daewoo Nubira have an interference engine?


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2006-10-07 15:43:06
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Yes, the 2.0L 4 cylinder is an Interferance engine. Replace the belt at 72,000 miles. The Water Pump is driven by the cam belt, so I suggest you replace the water pump at the same time to avoid this repair later on. This will save you money on future labor.


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How do you flush the transmission fuel from a 2000 Daewoo Nubira

yes,it is an interference motor.I just did one and it bent all the intake valves.

What is the cylinder head torque specs for a 2001 daewoo nubira 2.0 litre engine and what is the proper torque order

I have a 2000 Daewoo Nubira and I had the control arm replaced and it fixed the problem.

2.2L D-tech . Its a 16 valve, dual overhead cam engine, with 130hp.

In 2000 Daewoo Nubira the ECM is located on the front passenger side wall by the front passenger right foot.

Pull aff ac bracket and the wire will lead you there

The fuel pump on a 2000 nubira is under the back seat on the passenger side.

i Have a nubira II premium M.2000 1.5Ltr and the Map Sensor is located just under the Wind screen wipers inside the engine compartment, to the left of the Coil

you cant its all done electronically sorry mate !!

here is the link to the nubira service manual

The Daewoo Nubira CDX has 16 valves - it is a 2 litre 16 valve double overhead camshaft 4 cylinder made by GMH in Australia!

it is right underneath the steering wheel gasket

If the engine is an interference type serious engine damage will result. If engine is noninterference type it will just stop.

2000 Nubira, same problem, no water flow from block to heater, core not blocked, runs fine????????????

no it is not an interference engine

You have to take it to a mechanic i guess since it doesn't have a dipstick.

it could do with the immobiliser, i have to disconnect my battery for 10 mins,then it starts

there is a power button on your shifter for extra power

Under the car hood in the fuze box on the right.

In Australia prior to 2000 the SE and SX models were 1.6 litre. The CDX models were 2.0litre. After 1999 and the new shape they became 2.0litre. 2.0 L according to the site below. Daewoo Nubira CDX 1998 NRMA Car Review - NRMA Motoring & Services

According to Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) The SOHC engine IS AN INTERFERENCE ENGINE The DOHC engine is NOT an interference engine in the 2000 Ford Focus

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