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The Daewoo Nubira was a compact car manufactured by the South Korea-based automaker Daewoo Motors from 1997-2008. This model was produced in three body styles, namely sedan, station wagon and hatchback.

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Remote Control Devices
Daewoo Nubira

Codes for rca systemlink 4?

You can program without having the codes by following these steps:

1. Turn on the TV (or other device).

2. Press and hold CODE SEARCH until light stays lit; release.

3. Press TV button.

4. Press POWER button repeatedly until TV turns off.

5. Press Enter.

Repeat for each device.

These instructions are found on the inside of the battery cover.

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Timing Belts and Chains
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How do you change the timing belt in a 2001 Daewoo Nubira?

www.daewoous.com/ Has all the parts for the Nubira of all years and the books on how to do it.hey buddy, sorry to break it to you but theres no timing marks,and you cant get a book for the car.The company went out of business. Theres a possibility the valves were damaged when the belt broke. If its double over head cam then you point the dots on the sprockets straight up or look on the valve cover for the two dots. And line them up,as for the crank- shaft I'm guessing theres no marks to line up so your gonna have to set the number one cylinder to top dead center. you can get another head at a junkyard if the other one is ruined. good luck buddy..

I just finished changing mine in a '99 Nubira. I have the DOHC and both cam gears are labeled with intake and exhaust marks. It's supposed to make the gears interchangeable, but it just adds to the confusion if you're not sure which one is which. With mine the exhaust is on the right, and the intake is on the left. As far as the crank goes, there is a mark on the crank that you line up with the bottom of the timing cover. It's not labeled very well. Mine looked like a square notch about an eighth inch deep that I had to line up. In theory, if you line up all these marks correctly everything should line up. One thing to keep in mind, if your engine is an interferance engine you probably at least bent some valves when the belt broke. I can't tell you how to tell if your's is or not. Mine is.

A copy of the factory repair manual is available online at, http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/daewoo/ You can download it free as a PDF file, it was a real lifesaver for me when my timing belt broke and bent all the valves.

You can get the book and all the parts for your car at Daewoous.com

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What is the fuel tank capacity in liters if possible for a Nubira SX Eurowagon?

62litres on 1997 model

Transmission Fluid
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How To

How to add automatic transmission fluid to your Daewoo?

locate the red fillplug. it's on the right side of your engine. you'll see it about a foot down from the top, get a funnel and start pouring.

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C Programming

What makes a Daewoo 2000 Nubira shift suddenly to the right when accelerating?

I had the same problem. This is the problem. The bushings on the lower right control arm are worn out. These are the GM (remember GM bought Daewoo) part numbers, 96308002 and 96492383. They run about $8.00 a piece. Unless you have hit something very, very hard, your control arms should be fine. A local garage/dealer can put press out the old ones and press the new ones in. That fixed the problem with mine.

AnswerMy opinion on this is that it could be the Throttle Position Sensor also called the TPS. I know this because my car did the same thing and we are having to replace this part. Good Luck! AnswerIt is a front wheel drive car, Yes?

Under acceleration, one front tire is getting less grip on the roadway than the other tire is getting, and that is called "torque steer" This is quite normal, and the solution is to back off the gas pedal a bit.

The car is pulling to the right because that right side tire is getting a better grip than the left one is. Just be a little less aggressive on the gas pedal, OK?

AnswerI seriously suggest checking the lower control arms AnswerTyre wear tends to affect this also, mine pulls left under decelration when the tyres are getting down. AnswerCheck right side lower control arm. If accelerate, pulls to right; if deccelerate (not breaking), pulls to left. Install new control arm ASAP! It is not a joke! Same for left side,but the pullings are reversed.

You are SO CORRECT! The right lower control arm had a bad bushing in the rear. Thank you very much.

Be aware!! Replace both sides or you will be back to square one before you know it.. (From experience!)

Transmission Fluid
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How do you change the transmission fluid on a 2002 daewoo nubira 5 speed manual transmission?

To my knowledge the car must be taken to a dealer to change the fluid and serviced. **BETTER WAY** The best and most common way is to remove the spedo gear. . It sits above the DIF housing and only has one screw nd comes out reall easy. . . I hate these fags, the manual said to check the level on a flat surface nd all, but when i did it i got a load of the worst smelling oil all ova me. . ;( Gave me a reason to overhaul the gearbox tho. . .

Check Engine Light
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Why would a 2001 Daewoo Nubira check engine light come on then go out when an obd tester was put on it and was okay for about 450 miles and came back on but went out after it was parked overnight?

We have a 2001 Daewoo Lanos 4dr and had a similar problem ever since we owned it. We had it in for service a lot of times, but the only thing that ever showed was a misfire in the cylinder. They even paid to have the heads re-machined at one point which never helped. Finally, we decided to start using 5W/30 synthetic oil on the oil changes which seemed to have worked. Prior we were concerned about driving the car too far from home, but we've driven it as much as 2 hours away. It costs a little more, but it's worth a try.

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Timing Belts and Chains

You need timing mark for Daewoo?

what daewoo. espero, nexia which one there all different.

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How do you reset the clock in the radio in a 2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX?

I don't know if this will work on this perticular car but it works on a bunch. Press the set button and change the hours by pressing the seek button and the minutes by pressing the scan button. Try it.

Assuming you have the Philips RC600 system, here are the instructions (quoted directly from the manual):

  • Press INIT key for at least 2 seconds (until you hear a beep) to enter the Initialisation mode.
  • Press (UP) or (DOWN) to select TIME
  • Press AST key to select 12H or 24H.
  • Press (UP) key:

- Display shows: e.g. '00:00' (24 hour format) / 'AM 12:00' (12 hour format) - Hour digit starts flashing

  • Press AST key to adjust the hour setting, same for minute.
  • Press (UP) key to switch to minute setting, and press (DOWN) key to return to hour setting.
  • Press INIT key until you hear a beep to leave the initialisation mode
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Crankshaft Sensors

Where is the camshaft position sensor on the Daewoo Nubira CDX d-tec 2.0l engine and where can you find a diagram or instructions to replace it?

I have a 2001 Nubira, and the camshaft sensor was one of many things I have had to replace, if you have any problems with your steering it's probably your control arms and bushings. Now the sensor is located behind your drive belt that is connected to your alternator. In the interior area of this belt you'll see a couple of bolts which cover this sensor. You have to loosen these and I believe there is a belt cover which you must unclip in the area above the sensor cover. At this point you will not be able to get to the sensor. You must unbolt the two bolts on this that hold your engine. Don't worry the weight of the engine will keep itself in place. Now place a hydraulic jack under the engine, with a piece of wood on the part that is to make contact with the engine. Jack the engine up so that the tension is released in the area where you are to remove the sensor. You'll need a pair of needle nosed pliers to remove it, and don't forget which way it will go back in(which way was it taken out?)

Alarm Systems
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How do you reset the remote entry on a Daewoo Leganza?

This worked for me: open the car with the door key. Sit in and shut the door. Now operate the door lock using the lock tab on the drivers door four times very quickly ((lock then open four times). Press the close button on the fob. If the door locks again, you've done it. May well work for other cars too.

Oxygen Sensors
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Air Pollution
Elements and Compounds

How do you test a 1999 daewoo nubira oxygen sensor when the car goes for the smog test it says obd2 fail?

obd2 means on board diagnostics failed not o2 sensor, 1st have to figure out why obd2 failed.

Car Stereos and Speakers
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What are the unlock codes for the radio in a 2001 Astro?

If you've not changed the codes, it must be 000 or 999.

Daewoo Nubira

What is the code to unlock the radio in your Dawoo Nubira?

I have daewoo nubira 2001 year. please help me about unlock the radio in my car.

Daewoo Nubira

Where is the throttle position sensor located on 2000 Daewoo Nubira?

The throttle position sensor is mounted to the throttle body on the opposite side of the throttle cables and is faceing the rear of the engine compartment.

Oil and Oil Filters
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Where is the oil filter located on a 2000 Daewoo Nubira?

It's located on the side of the engine. It's near the exhaut manifold, you open the hood, look down and you'll find it very easy. The oil filter is not so easy to locate. It is on the bottom right hand sode of the engine. You need to look down between the small gap between the drive belt and timing belt cover. You need to access it from under the engine near the right front wheel access is limited due to the plastic splach guard under the engine.

Daewoo Nubira
Timing Belts and Chains
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How To

How to change the time belt on a daewoo nubira 99'?

Changing the timing belt can be an easy or very difficult and costly repair. If you are just changing it for the sake of keeping it up to par, then the easiest thing to do is remove the engine mount and jack up the one side of the engine, then pull off the timing cover. from there, all you really need to do is remove the balancer, pull the belt off, put a new one on, and then reattach the balancer.

The difficult part is if you are changing the belt after it has broken (as i am in the process of now). Since i had a cherry picker, i decided to simply pull the engine out. not the easiest option, but because the daewoo cylinder heads leave no space between the piston and the valves, you WILL, and i repeat WILL have to replace some bent valves. I had the engine out, pulled off the head, had it reworked, and I'm putting everything back together. while installing the new timing belt, you might as well put in a new water pump. Good luck if this is your problem. I have taken some time doing this, and 185 dollars for the new head gasket set didn't please me either.

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How do you remove the valves in a 2000 model Daewoo Nubira?

dermining the differences between valvesHi there champ, i am just surfing myself on this site but i can answear this question for you.

this all depends on how the valves sit inside the head cylinder, you have two different types of valves which is, 1} insinked valves 2} standard valves. to determine the differences between the two, the insinked valves are valves that have been sinked inside and into the engine head cylinder, the steps down below follow for non insinked valves inside the head cylinder. for normal valves you can buy a tool from a spare part shop to take the standard valves out but if you have insinked you need a machine to take them out but if you go like i did to a head specialist they could do it for you and put them back in because the have a hydralic/air compressor that does the job. ok!

1.step= take the rocker cover off. 2.step= take the cam shaft off. (TAKE NOTE PLEASE : the timing belt will have to come of aswell) 3.step= (if over head cam) remove caps from the top of valves. 4.step= remove the head from engine. 5.step= remove the valves with the valve remover tool purchase from any spare part shop. as mentioned before if they are INSINKED you will have to compress them out.

that should answear your question to the finest detail that i can put it for you.

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Home Improvement

Why does your heater barely get hot in a 2001 Daewoo Nubira?

2000 Nubira, same problem, no water flow from block to heater, core not blocked, runs fine????????????

Car Electronics and Lights
Car Fuses and Wiring
Dashboard Lights and Gauges
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How do you get the dash lights to come on if it is not a fuse problem?

I suggest you take it to an outo electrician...........

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How do you get a workshop manual for a Daewoo cielo?

Thanks to Radu Demene over at Daewoo Romania, I was able to get my hands on an ENGLISH Cielo User Manual.

Radu, you're my hero!!



Serpentine Belts
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Routing of a serpentine belt on a 1999 nubira?

Moving clockwise starting at the Alternator pulley - over power steering pump - down under compressor pulley - over to torsional damper - around damper to auto tensioner - around auto tensioner - back to alternator pulley.

Daewoo Lanos
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How do you get the heater control panel off a Daewoo Lanos without breaking it?

its very easy actually. 1. take out (the 2 side pieces that make up your exterrior of your panel) pry them out dont be afraid. theyll cime out dont worry

2. you will see the screws for the radio and the heater unit now.(unscrew all because they kind of overlap the brackets and it s easier this way.)

3.be careful when removig heater unit the radio should easily unplug. to make it easier for you to deal with the heater unit.

4.you will see 2 or 3 plug ins(depending on options) to the unit. Unplug dont worry they only fit in one socket anyways cant mess this up.

5. you will have 2 cables attached to each control knob, pinch the end of the plastic to release the cable, once cable is released you will see a plastic clear piece still holding the cable in place, puch this piece you will see theirs only one way it will release the cable. take your time with this because you cant break them yetr they need some force to release.

6.oh ya by the way grab a pair of vice grips and pull the knobs off the face of the unit.

hope i helped

Car Stereos and Speakers
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How do you find the code for the vigor stereo system?

It's in your owner's manual,if you do not have one then take it to the dealer.


Also, check the bottom of your ash tray. Pull it out and turn it over. They usually put a copy of the code there (for the shop to turn your radio back on since they don't know the code and often have to disconnect the battery).


you can also find it by following these instructions...

1. open the hood

2. look to your left, there is a black plastic triangular box, this is one of your fuse panels

3. take the lid off. under it, you will see a sticker with a 5 digit number, this is your code.

(note) you only get 3 tries to enter the correct code before the stereo system locks.

you can unlock it by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it again to get another 3 attempts.

Daewoo Nubira

What kind of Gas mileage Daewoo nubira get?

Hey i am from australia my nubira eurowagon '99 auto can do 450km (~280 miles) using octane 95 unleaded petrol and only about 400km (~250 miles) on standard unleaded petrol. this is only city driving the octane 95 gets another 50 to 75km (~30 to ~50 miles) of distance when on the open road.


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