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Does a 2003 Ford Explorer sport have shocks and struts?


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A 2003 Ford Explorer Sport ( the two door version of the Ford Explorer )

has shock absorbers front and rear

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front has struts and the rear haas shocks

A 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee does have shocks and struts. These needs to be changed every 2 years.

struts only It depends on the model-the 2 Dr has shocks and the 4 dr has struts. The 2 door and 4 door models are totally different vehicles. The 4 door was a redesign whereas the 2 dr was going out of producti

The Grand Marquis has shocks, not struts. They are simple bolt on parts.

I have NO idea!!!!!! ... do I????? Funny answer^As do most front wheel drive vehicles, the new VW Beetle has front struts and rear shocks.

( 16.8 gallons ) in the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport

A creaking noise in the front end of the 2003 Ford Escape might be caused by shocks or struts that need to be replaced. This might also be caused by damage to the shocks or struts from high mileage.

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Sport has better horsepower intern making it faster and easier to handle

That Kia doesn't have "shocks". It has struts, front and rear. They bolt in but you will need spring compressors to swap over the springs and hardware unless you purchase the struts "loaded" with new springs and hardware. Loaded struts cost aprox double what just the strut alone costs.

According to the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owner Guide : ( # 9007 bulb is used in the headlights )

Midas told me $600 plus $90 for an alignment. I'm thinking this is overpriced.

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The fuel tank size for the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport is ( 16.8 gallons / 63.6 liters ) according to the owners manual

According to the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Owner Guide : ( 16.8 US. gallons ) is the tank capacity

I was looking at the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owner Guide and it does not show an air filter for the cabin / passenger compartment , so I would say ( No )

On a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport : Open the drivers door and on the latch pillar you will see an information sticker . One of the things the sticker shows is the original size of tires on the vehicle from the factory

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You can get a free 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac wiring diagram online at the Modified Life website. You can also find this diagram in the Ford owner's manual online at

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