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I'm looking for the same answer myself for my 1997 Altima I swore I have been told that it is a chain. But I'm looking for a definite answer. Try this website for more info on the chain or belt

To answer both of your questions Nissan Altima 1993 and up have timing chains and if you have looked for them you're not going to find it unless you take the valve cover off and you will see it on the left side but be thankful for one thing that Nissan guarantees that the timing chain will last the life of the engine which is about 250,000 miles.

Update:Just a confirmation, all the Nissan Altimas with either 4 cylinder or V6 engines had timing chains, not belts. This applies to the KA24DE, VQ35DE, and QR25DE engines.

: If the Engine has plastic covers where the serpentine belt is running it's usually a Timing Belt. If it is a metal cover you have a Timing Chain

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Q: Does a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 have a timing chain or a timing belt?
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