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No it does not, atleast not the 97 SS

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โˆ™ 2011-12-10 21:40:37
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Q: Does a 97 Monte Carlo have a low fuel light?
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Have a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo and low coolant light is flashing?

Check your coolant level...

Where is the low coolant sensor on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

On a 2001 Monte Carlo it is located on the radiator just below the radiator cap.

How can you get a owners manual for 2000 Monte Carlo ss?

How do turn off low tire pressure light in my message center??

Do 85 Monte Carlo have high or low bucket seats?


2000 Monte Carlo low coolant light on intermittent coolant full runs good?

If coolant full could be a bad sensor

Why does the low coolant light flash on a 1997 Monte Carlo?

It means it might need coolant, if not than you should probably see a mechanic.

Why doesn't the low coolant light go out after bringing coolant to the proper level in 2001 Monte Carlo 3.4 V6 engine?

The low coolant sensor is bad or disconnected.

Why does your 95 Monte Carlo overheat?

Low coolant perhaps, bad thermostat, low or old oil.

Where is the valve to recharge AC system located on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

The low side pressure port for the 1999 Monte Carlo should be on a pipe against the firewall. It is just to the left of the Dipstick.

1998 Monte Carlo fuel relay switch My fuel pump is not getting any fuel to the fuel pump. So far I have found 2 vacuum leaks. When I remove the cap at the end of the fuel line there is no hissing?

on a 1998 chevy monte carlio i have a problem the engine start but cut off and i chech the fuel line coming from the pump and the pump pumping fuel but low pressure is this mean the pump is bad?

Can low brake fluid cause an ABS light to come on a 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

possibly, if there is a float attached to the lid, another cause of the abs light is metal shavings sticking to the magnetic sensors

Does the dale jr 2004 Monte Carlo have tire pressure warning in it?

I have one, and it does have the tire pressure warning. It is displayed in the same message center as the low fuel warning, and it makes the same warning sound.

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