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Does a 98 Malibu have a drive belt or serpentine belt?


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When I had mines done they called it a serpentine belt and the installation was quick and minimal under $100.00 including labor and the belt.

AnswerAll cars have drive belts. If, however the car only has one belt and it "snakes" up and over the pulleys it is termed a "serpentine" (snake) belt because of the way it is routed around the pulleys. Older cars have usually 2 or 3 belts that do not overlap or go over/under the pulleys. The belts simply go around the outside of the pulleys and are tensioned by a manual adjustment. Serpentine belts usually have an automatic/no-adjustable tensioner for the belt. Hope this helps!

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You don't - it is a serpentine belt with an automatic tensioner.

serpentine belt diagram for 98 jetta tdi

That I know of, there is NO serpentine belt, unless you are talking about the the Timing Belt (hardly serpentine, but anyway), it has a belt tensioner, not automatic, though.

serpentine belt for 97 7.4 454 Chevy truck

Looking at the engine from the passenger side fender the serpentine belt revolves around 5 different pulleys. Theres only 1 belt ,,,,the serpentine.

buy a belt, loosen the tensioner, replace belt

I know that on my neighbor's '98 Malibu, there is a diagram under the hood, right next to the serpentine belt assembly. On my '97, it looks like there was one, but it must have come off. With so many Malibus on the road, just ask someone if they will pop their hood for you.

Just one - the now standard 'serpentine', or 'accessory drive' belt. See "Related Questions" below for more

Mine on the 98 is a belt. It is behind the serpentine belt under covers on the front of the engine.

i have a 98' Pontiac grand prix gtp. i got the 2 serpentine belts replaced for $200.

There should be a diagram on the underside of the hood or on the radiator.

A spring loaded pully that keeps the serpentine belt tight

Are pulleys on both the old and new alternators the same size? Did you turn the automatic belt tensioner to release tension on belt?

Find the appropriate size socket to go on the belt tensioner, put it on a ratchet or breaker bar. Rotate the belt tensioner counterclockwise, and that'll loosen the slack and allow you to remove the serpentine belt.

the single belt that runs around the engine, alternator, a/c and water pump is the serpentine belt.

on the front of the engine and it is run by the serpentine belt.

check fan belt is not broken or loose and check alternator

You don't say which engine you have but it will be one of the serpentine belt driven accessories at the front of the engine

Pry the tensioner and remove the old belt. Then reinstall it with the schematic on the fan shroud. If no schematic, draw one before you remove it. Don't rely on memory.

try getting on to the DAYCO website usually you can get a diagram.

Remove serpentine belt, remove three bolts ,an 2 wires. The alternator will pull up off the motor to remove. Put new alternator in replace bolts, replace wires, an replace the serpentine belt..

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