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Does a Canadian have to pay for a speeding ticket in the US?

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Only if you ever intend to go back inside the United States. When you signed the ticket, you promised to appear in court and to abide by the terms of the court. If you refuse to appear, you can be held in contempt of court and a the court can swear out a bench warrant for your arrest. If you ever re-enter that state, you could be arrested and held until you satisfy the judgment of the court.

2006-08-18 04:26:20
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What was US Grant given a speeding ticket for?

Speeding on a horse

If you live in Ontario Canada and get a speeding ticket in Washington state will this affect your ability to enter the US in the future if it is not paid?

You bet it will, so please pay the ticket!

Will a speeding ticket gotten in Europe affect your driving record in the US?

will a speeding ticket in Europe affect my U.S. driving record?

Can you be refused entry into US on unpaid speeding ticket?

I think so

You got speeding ticket in bufflo and you m in Canada how can you pay your speeding ticket from Canada?

You need to purchase an envelope and place a stamp on it, then put it in the mail system of Canada. It will then get mailed across the border to Buffalo. You could probably even pay it online, or even try and make some calls to the dept who gave you the ticket. Or if you are a permanent resident of Canada and dont plan on going back to the US, I'd burn the ticket.

What happens if a US Citizen refuses to pay a Canadian traffic ticket?

He will probably be cheerfuly arrested by the next Canadian cop he meets. He may even be arrested at the border crossing.

Does an englishman have to pay speeding tickets in the US?

yes. it doesn't matter where you're from, you have to obey the law and pay the price if you don't

Do you have to pay for a violation ticket for losing a bus ticket if your underage?

It is not stated from which country this question originates - in the US there is no such violation as "losing a bus ticket."

How does Georgia's Joshua's Law affect a 17 year old who received a speeding ticket in FL?

How does Georgia's Joshua's Law affect us

Do you have to pay taxes if you are a us citizen working in Canada?

Yes. You will still have to pay taxes, whether it be to the Canadian government or the US government. If you work, you must pay tax.

I got a speeding ticket on holiday in Florida I didn't pay.Will they be able to tell I have an unpaid fine if I return to the US?

probably because after a certain amount of time of not paying a ticket it will turn into a warrent out for your arrest.

How much does a speeding ticket cost in Indiana?

A speeding ticket varies by the location where you were ticketted, and the speed you were going over the posted limit. I have a ticket in front of me from Wabash, IN on US-24 for 15 mph over the limit. This this is what it says:The court fees are 110.50 ( you pay this amount whether or not you infact take it to court).Then the speeding penalties are 1-15mph, each mph over is 3.50.16-25 mph over is 40.50 per mphand 26 and up is 100.50 per mph over. For the last one you will usually be required to show up in court though.Then there is a base speeding price of what I believe is 50 dollars total but i need to check on that.So for me, i was doing 15 mph over the limit so i think the fine will be 213.50.

Does a traffic ticket become expired I got a traffic ticket but I'm going to leave the US to work in Europe for many years. If I won't pay will my ticket expire I'm residing in CA.?

No, tickets don't expire. If you get a ticket, you get a ticket. In CA, your ticket requires that you appear in court either fight it or pay it and receive your sentencing and traffic school if available. But if you evade your ticket and dodge court, a warrant can and probably will be issued for your arrest. My advice, just pay it.

Can Canadian buy us Mega Million ticket?

Yes. The catch is that the ticket must be purchased in person in any of the 44 participating states. (Playing online won't make you eligible).

Why does the us military expect soldiers to pay for their own ticket home from Iraq if it's not for official army business?

Because they get a pay check.

If Canadian vending machines accept US coins why do US vending machines not accept Canadian coins?

US coins are worth more than Canadian coins. If you pay in US currency in Canada, the vendor makes money. If American vendors allowed the reverse, they'd lose money.

If you receive a speeding ticket is it your responsibility to notify the insurance company and if you do not can they deny future claims?

Your insurance company will be notified automatically via these shackles we have around us known as computers.

If you got a speeding ticket in Washington state and live in Ontario Canada what happens if you do not pay it and will it affect future trips to the US?

An unpaid ticket will most likely get you a warrant out for your arrest in that state. Most likely just for ajoining counties from which the offense occured. Ontario will not enforce washingtons laws however, so you need not worry about that causing you problems. You should just pay the ticket or fight it though, so there are no future problems with your travels. An unpaid ticket will most likely get you a warrant out for your arrest in that state. Most likely just for ajoining counties from which the offense occured. Ontario will not enforce washingtons laws however, so you need not worry about that causing you problems. You should just pay the ticket or fight it though, so there are no future problems with your travels.

Can a Canadian work in the US for a Canadian company?

Yes. They can work in US for Canadian company

Can AZ send my radar ticket to Missouri?

If you get a speeding ticket in Arizona, Missouri will find out simply because each state shares records with each other. So if you get a ticket in one state and it appears on your record, it will appear on your record in all states. Under the Full Faith and Credit clause in the US Constitution, each state must respect the judicial proceedings of each other state. So if Arizona tickets you for speeding, Missouri must respect that.

How much is a speeding ticket in Arkansas for doing 80 MPH in a 65 MPH zone?

Fines for Speeding tickets anywhere in the US are set by the local Clerk of the COurt and the State. In order to find out what the fine is, call your local Clerk of the Court and they can tell you. It varies from county to county in some states and some states it is set statewide. The following is from this website: There is little uniformity when it comes to paying your traffic tickets in Arkansas. How, where and what you pay, depends on who gave you the ticket. Read your ticket carefully to determine your fine, the due date, and the location to send payment. Some cities have online payment programs, such as Little Rock. With your ticket number and a credit card, you can pay online. Other cities and towns within the state require you to mail your payment. Again, read the ticket. Some come with a handy, self-addressed envelope. Paying your ticket is only part of the violation consequences. Depending on the nature of your traffic violation your driving record may receive administrative points. If you fail to pay your ticket in a timely manner, your fees will increase, and your license risks suspension. Drive safe..

Can a legal canadian resident receive Medicare?

US Medicare beneficiaries do not lose their eligibility by living outside the US. However, Medicare does not pay for care provided outside the US.

What was the speed of the first person arrested for speeding in the US?

... became the first driver in the US to be arrested for speeding when he was ... In the UK, the first person ever to be convicted of speedingwas John - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

Can a Canadian work in the US if they have a SSN?

You can not use a Canadian SSN to work in the US

Are TVRs legal in the US.?

Yes But only with a special permit. 1 speeding ticket in the vehicle equals permanent loss of permit. It is also subject to extra taxes and fees for standard licensing in most states.