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Does a boy like you if he smiles and talks to you often?

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No One really knows. He could just be nice or yes like you. Just ask him!

He could also be a friendly person, or just trying to get to know you casually. Think, if a girl smiles and talks to you often does that ALWAYS mean she likes you? Or could she be trying to be friendly? He could be trying to be friends. Don't jump to conclusions, you might end up in bad shape.

Answer:Well, it could be either way. He could be just being friendly. Just try getting to know him better, and it'll all fall into place. :) Answer:it's usually the ones who seem to stare at you for ages then look away when they realise that you're looking at them who like you so probably not. D: AnswerI'm a guy and I smile at girls a lot just when I'm talking to them. It's a friendly thing, not a loving thing. If the guy looks at you a lot, we do that... Catching him staring is something you have to do. Although I disagree with the answer above me, we WILL look away if you catch us. We hate to think that a girl knows we like them, because most of us are absolutely PARANOID of girls leading us on. Just keep glancing at him, and if you can't catch him looking, he'll catch you, and if he likes you, he'll show it. Answer:Hey ya same I'm also a guy and i always smile when i talk to girls. So if you think they like you? You need a little more evidence, like if he tries to keep conversations going longer by giving larger answers to your questions or asking you questions too. Also, if you catch them staring at you then you know he is ATTRACTED to you, and if he does it frequently he probably LIKES you. The best way to know is if you notice his pants stick forward, but guys always do their best to hide that so you probably will never see that evidence.

I can't lie...The guy above the guy above me is right...a lot of guys like me are completely paranoid in girls knowing that we like having trouble with that now lol.

Answer:It could mean that they like you because they want to be around you and interact with you. If they keep talking to you, smiling, looking at you that could mean that they like you! Answer:speaking personally as a guy, yes. i try to talk to her, look at her, stand next to her, whatever, as much as pos. i dunno about anybody else tho; everyone's different. hope this helped.

Not really. I'm extremely comfortable around girls. I'm not paranoid of girls thinking or knowing I like them. I'm extremely friendly so I'll try to keep messages going back and forth on Myspace or Emails or messengers(YIM, MSN, AIM). If you sit next to him in a class and he stares at you he might just be interested in you (not in a love way). I'm always looking at the girl that sits next to my in Lit but that's because she doesn't believe in herself. The whole "pants sticking out" is stupid. That never works. If that happens, he just wants to screw you then leave you. You really have to know the guy. The only way to know if he'll date you is to build his trust in you and ask him. There's a lot of girls I "like" but not many I'd "date".

Answer:Mainly it does mean he likes you. it could also mean he likes you as a friend, you know like a sisiter. Answer:">Answer:">Answer:Not necessarily. If you hang out with this guy a lot, then it's probably just him being friendly. If you don't hang out with him that much, he probably likes you. Answer:">Answer:">Answer:It's possible and probable because I have a friend that is a guy and I think he likes me because he always talks about me and to me. He also told my friend he thinks I am the most annyoning person in the world. You never know when a guy likes you unless they tell you. They have lots of on and off days. (If you ask them, they will lie) Answer:Well I am a girl and the same thing just happened to me he smiled and stared at me a lot and I caught him staring. He always spoke to me real soft, slow and sweetly. Then I told him I liked him and he said he likes me too. This all just happened yesterday during our Varsity Football game. So yeah it could be either way. But in my case it was a total yes. ♥


I am guy. The thing about guys and girls is that if a girl likes a guy, she doesn't want to tell him to make a fool of herself and vice versa with guys. If you think that he really likes you, then just ask him. Maybe he will end up liking you and if he does, I expect thanks in return because I just spent 3 minutes of my life giving advice to a bunch of girls. And if he doesn't like you, you can always get a cat.

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How can you tell a boy likes you but he doesn't talk to you?

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

How can you tell if your friend likes a boy?

she smiles at him or blushes when he walks by or talks about him alot.

What is a simple way to tell if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you, talks to you, laughs at your jokes, or smiles at you

How do know when a boy is flirting with you?

when he talks to you all the time smiles alot and seems uncomftorable

What are the signs of a guy liking you?

Well, in my past experience when a guy likes me, he usually glances at me quite often, he smiles at me, he talks to me and flirts and he talks like he cares about me.Yeah. A boy that likes me will stare and smile at me. Trust your instincts! It won't be hard to pick up on his signals.

What does it mean if a boy looks at you a lot and smiles a lot when he talks to you?

That means he likes you and enjoys being with you!

How do you know if a boy likes you 5 reasons?

He smiles at you every day. He talks to you every day. He flirts with you. He tells you he like you. He helps you with stuff with or without you asking.

What does it mean if a boy stares and smiles at you but never talks to you and ignores but with other girls he talks normal and acts like he is being interested?

Probably, he is too shy to talk, and is worried he'll say something really stupid.

What does that mean if the guy you like looks kinda weird and smiles when he talks to you?

Hun, that boy has it in to you. Just try to keep it going. Be yourself, because he likes you for who he fell in love with.

If a boy talks to you but not all the time and he is very nice to you and smiles at you wen he talks to you wen you look at him he looks away dead quick does he fancy you?

It is very likely :D

A boy never often talks to me somedays smiles at me sometimes never mind me and always is watching me. but friends say that he loves another girl . does he love me?

He probably thinks your just hott

What does it mean if a boy smiles at you when he see's you?

he probaly like s you

What does it mean when a boy holds your hand and smiles?

He like/has a crush on you

What does it mean if a boy always smiles and stares at you but whenever you try to talk to them they ignore you and acts like he isn't interested in you but talks normal with other girls except you?

It means that he likes you, but hes embarrassed about it.

The boy that you like doesnt talk to you that often but his dad talks about you all the time does that mean that the boy that I like likes me?

It means either 1. the dad is a perv 2. the dad thinks the boy should like you, but the boy doesn't like you. Both scenerios are bad.

Is pit a girl?

no most definitly not he talks like a boy and looks like a boy

Does a boy like you if he smiles and looks at you a lot?

It probably means he likes you.

What does it mean when you tell a boy you like him and he smiles?

Really? What do you think it means

How do you know that a boy likes you?

You know that a boy likes you when he looks at you a lot. When he smiles at you or laughs at your jokes. Most of all when you talk to him he talks right back and when he lists all his friends you are on the list.

How do you do if a cute boy likes you but he is younger than you?

If he is shy around you, he might like you, although he might just be a shy person. Another sign that he indeed does like you. If he talks to you a lot, smiles when you are talking, asks you a lot of questions, and laughs, he probably does like you!

When you turn around and smile at your friend if a guy in front of her smiles at you does he like you?

It depends! If this boy often smiles at you, looks at you or trys to talk to you then yes otherwise he might just have smiled because he thought you were smiling at him and it's the polite thing to do

Does a boy like when a girl has a nice smile and smiles a lot?

Most likely

Is pit a boy?

yes he is definetly a boy because no other girl i know talks like a boy

Does this count if the boy hugs you once and then hardly talks to you but talks and hugs older girls does he like you?

Probably not...

If you like a boy and he is your mother's friend childwhat will you do and you meet him often but rarely talks.?

try to talk to him on the phone first and get to discover your "common grounds".Be social to him.