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Only on your credit report. DMV doesnt care how you got it or got rid off it, as long as ya dont steal it or sell before ya pay for it.

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Q: Does a car repossession go on your DMV report or only on your credit report?
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Does the Alaska DMV report to the Colorado DMV?

Yes they do.

Does the California DMV report used car sales to the IRS?

No. The DMV has no idea what you paid for it or sold it for, so they have no amount to report to the IRS.

Do you loose your liciense if you hide a car from repossession?

There is a possibility that you licenses could be suspended. If you are hiding the car from repossession, you technically are stealing the car. The finance company can contact DMV and have the registration revoked and report it as stolen. Give the car back. Nothing good ever came out of hiding one from the repo man. They WILL get it eventually.

When you move the law requires you to report to DMV?

Yes. If you have a driver's license, you're required to report your new address to the DMV, and get an updated license. You typically have 30 days to do this.

Can you still renew your drivers license if you owe the lender due to repossession?

Yes. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has nothing to do with whether or not your vehicle was reposessed (nor do they care). This will, however, affect your credit and ability to buy another vehicle.

Can I bring in to dmv corrections on my son's Dmv report?

There are some errors on my son's dmv record, can I bring proof of correction as required by my insurance, or does he have to do it himself in person

What can happen if someone steals your license?

If you know or suspect that it was stolen and not just lost - report it to the police and DMV immediately. Request that the DMV issue you a new license with an entirely new license number. Also - since drivers licenses are almost universally accepted as valid ID, you may want to consider contacting your credit card companies and/or the credit reporting services that operate in your area of the country, and report the matter as well.

Is there a free site were you can find out how many points are on cdl license?

No. The only way to get such a report is to purchase a copy of your MVR from your state's DMV.

What to do if paperwork on used car is incomplete or inaccurate?

report dealer to DMV.

If you transfer your vehicle to another person you must report it to DMV within how many days?

You have 5 days(week) to transfer to the dmv.

What is a SR1 report with the DMV?

You don't say which state you are in, but there are similar DMV documents in other states like that, that are in reference to your insurance coverage.

Whilst driving you have an accident in which someone is injured. You must report this to the police within?

You do not need to report it to the police you need to report it to the DMV within 5 days.

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