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No. Not unless you have a generator or solar.

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Q: Does a freezer have BACK UP power?
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Power out how long food in freezer last?

DO NOT OPEN FREEZER, it will last up to 3 to 5 days, once the power comes back on, check all the frozen meat first, if it is half thawed, eat as soon as possible or give it to someone if it is too much for your family, the veggies can be refrozen., When it doubt, throw it out!

You thawed a whole boneless ham out the freezer and sliced it up Can it be put back in the freezer?

No. It is not a good idea to refreeze meat that has been temperature abused.

Can tou put a mp3 player in the freezer and it will charge back up?

hahah In no way shape or form will a freezer send electrical signals to an mp3 player to charge it.

How long does food last in freezer without power?

Depends on what food and the core temperature of the freezer

Can I get a small freezer for a vacation cabin?

You can get a small freezer, but make sure your cabin has a good supply of power.

Once electricity is out how long will frozen food last in a freezer?

Your freezer will stay frozen for several hours after a power outage. So will the contents. If the power is restored within 24 to 48 hrs the food should be okay. Edit: Actually, when our power was out after a hurricane, our deep freezer stayed almost completely frozen for five days. When the power came back on and we opened it, only a few things on the very top had thawed and had to be thrown out. It all depends on time of year, the size of the freezer, and how full it is. A full freezer will keep everything frozen for longer than a near empty or half full one. And a large deep freezer will keep everything good far longer than the small freezer attached to a fridge. --estherbeth

Can you put defrosted meat back in the freezer?


Can you shrink a power balance?

yes by putting it in the freezer

Should you put your power necklace int he freezer?


How do you cool soda faster?

Put it at the back of the freezer or by the fan in the back!

What happens when frost builds up in the freezer?

Your food starts to get a freezer burn

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