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She might not think she is being so obvious, then when you two talk, she gets shy and nervous. If you like her back, tell her you like her. Or ask her to go for a burger, or to the mall or something. I'm not sure how old you are (so exuse my hot dating spots!). Trust me...once you make the first move, she'll be all over it.

2006-09-11 23:22:22
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If he gives you his jacket when you are cold does that mean he likes you?

Yeah.he likes you

What does it mean if a married guy gives you extra attention even sometimes in front of his spouse?

its simple he likes u a lot morethan u think

What are ALL the signs a shy girl gives to hint that she likes you?

Different shy girls will act in different ways, it's impossible to name all the signs.

What does it mean when a guy that you like gives you and several others a ride home from school every day and he always takes you home first?

he likes u

.Guys answer only. How can a preteen girl tell if a preteen guy likes her?

by the way they treat you and the way the talk to you sometimes they may not tell you their feelings.signs:gives you a note about if you want to be his girlfriend,likes to be around you,gives you his number,asks you to go with him,says he likes you,talk to you alot.

What does that mean if the guy you like sometimes says hi to you and smiles but sometimes only stares at you dreamily and says hi to you in a different way than to others?

it means he likes you... duuhhh

When do you know when a guy likes you?

sometimes when he gets nervous around you, or when he blushes...or talks to you more than often. Or if he gives you notes or draws you something like a flower

What kind of body language would a guy do if he likes you?

sometimes they will tease u with he likes u or smile when u look at him sometimes

If a guy acts mean to you does it mean he likes you?

It sometimes means that he likes you, but not always.

What does it mean when a guy gives you a kiss?

that he likes you

How can you make a girl think that you like her?

Every girl is different. You have to know what makes her tick and what she likes. Sometimes, a person doesn't know that the other person likes him too. Knowing her birthdate is quite good.

If someone give you smile sometimes does it mean he likes you?

it means that he sometimes like you

When someone is mean to you does it mean he likes you?


How do you tell if a boy likes you by body language?

when he gives you good signs like high fives it means he likes you. You can tell when he's uncomfortable, because he can seem stand-off ish, and be awkward in different situations.

How can you tell if a girl likes you after several dates?

If she is still agreeing to go out with you she probably likes you.

What does it mean when a girl gives u her lollipop?

She gives you it because she is either your friend or she likes you

What if a guy gives you a full body hug?

It could mean he really likes you, or that he likes you as a friend.

How does a boy show that he likes a girl?

Sometimes they will flirt with you,and sometimes they will follow you everywhere,and sometimes you can ask one of their friends if they do,and sometimes they will tell you.

How do you tell if your crush likes you back after you told him how you feel about him?

depends on his reaction. Sometimes it's obvious that he doesn't like you(don't get hurt), sometimes he likes you too!

How you do know if a boy likes you?

The boy will sometimes be nasty to you but sometimes he kind of hangs around with you.

How can you tell if a 12 yr old boy likes a 12 yr old girl?

if he smiles at her constantly. If he gives her letters. If he comes in classlat sometimes just to impress her, or if he tries to make conversations with her, or if he likes being with her alot. It happened to me. I'm in seventh grade

How can you now if a boy likes you?

Boys have different ways of showing that they like you, just like girls There's no real way to tell as far as I know, but sometimes it's easy to tell if you know the boy wel enough. They'll start to act different around you and, well, sometimes you know and sometimes you don't

How can you tell if a guy likes you if he lives in a different town?

You could simply ask him but sometimes it is best to date within your limits as distance can cause tension.

How do you know if your new friend likes you?

by the emotions it gives you

When a guy gives you his number does that mean he likes you?