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Sounds to me like she really likes you. If you are old enough ask her out! Good luck Marcy She probably does like you. A LOT! If you're old enough ask this envying girl out! That is the sure way to tell if she really likes you or if she's teasing you. This girl i like is doing the same to me everyyy single time she sees me she says hi i just dont know if shes being serious or not.

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Q: Does a girl likes you if she always talks to you in class and she says hi every time she sees you and she laughs at your jokes when no one else does and when you look at her she looks away?
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If he laughs at all of your jokes?

if a guy laughs at all your jokes and follows you its a sign he loves you

What does th name jodie mean?

jodie is a good friend ,funny ,laughs at her own jokes always waits for you after class and is a reaaly amazing friend xx

How do you know a boy fancies you?

There are many different ways to tell...(e.g he laughs at all your jokes, he look into your eyes and doesn't back down, he always wants to sit next to you in class..ect)

Who was the Boston comedian who was on Just For Laughs and told the jokes about travel?

ALL of them tell travel jokes

Should Amany And Nabhan Be Great Friends?

They should becuase they are right for each other and Amany Always Laughs at Nabhan's jokes

When do you know when a boy laughs at your jokes?

when you hear them laughing

How can you tell if your best friend likes you and they are the girl?

she laughs at the dumbest jokes u make smiles flirts and seems always happy to be around you.

What are some signs of a story being cheesy?

When nobody laughs at your jokes.

How will you know if the person is in love with you?

The person laughs at your jokes and keeps staring at you.

How do you tell if he is in love with me?

if he laughs at yr jokes and talks to u alot

Does your crush like you?

well see if he/she laughs at your jokes acts kinda shy around you always smiles at you giggles when you do something funny/stupid or you could always just ask if that person likes you:)

Why are your mom jokes so funny?

they arent, her boyfriend just laughs to get attention. :(

How do I know if I like a boy in my class?

If he laughs on my jokes and finds me funny .I feel secure and comfortable with him and I just look around only to see him and wait to share a glance with him. It means I like a boy in my class.

Hilarious racist jokes I want to hear some and maybe get a few laughs?

You can get Hilarious racist jokes from the Twitter timeline of Mosses Kuria.

She always says hi and laughs at my jokes and she is very shy and polite but she always stays with her friends and when I come by sort of withdraws. Does she like me?

no she dose not she hates you and thimks you smell and lok bad ..... and you need to brush your teeth

Why does Mercutio use so many puns in Act Two of Romeo and Juliet?

He's one of those guys. If he had been in a class, he would have been the class clown--always cracking jokes. And dirty jokes at that.

This girl is always staring at you and you catch her all the time and she looks away evertime you catch her she doesnt talk to you much but laughs at your stupid jokes all the time does she like you?


When men say they like a woman a sense of humor do they mean a woman who cracks jokes or a woman who laughs at their jokes?

Probably a bit of both. However there is more to a sense of humour then cracking jokes.

What is a simple way to tell if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you, talks to you, laughs at your jokes, or smiles at you

What does it mean if a guy always jokes with his guy friends and laughs loudly when you are around?

Guys will always do that with their friends. If they do it while you are around, as opposed to acting silly or trying to impress you, it means you are accepted by him and by the group in general as a friend as well.

What do you say to a guy to make him laugh?

Depends on the guy and his age (maturity level) if he jokes around alot or is a clown simple jokes like knock knocks about or if hes more of the quietier type listen what jokes he laughs at ask what shows he watches if he watches family guy or south park bring up a funny part in the show The best thing to do is to listen at what he laughs at or jokes about

How do you know if a girl likes you or just friends?

if the girl laughs at ur jokes or flirts with u

How do you test if she likes me?

if there is a sparkle in her eye or she laughs at ur bubble gum wrapper (crummy) jokes.

Should you ask out a girl if shes not quite as popular as you are in most classes and she laughs at your jokes in homeroom?

1) If she laughs at your jokes in homeroom, it is a pretty sure sign she likes you, yes. 2) Whether she is "as popular as you" or not should have nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not you ask her out.

My crush never jokes or laughs or says 'Hi' to me anymore like he always used to. Why did he suddenly stop talking to me?

is it possible that someone have told him about your crush. Or something about you is disturbing him. It is best to confront him and ask.

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