Does a girl who is overweight and has acne have a chance with a guy who is beautiful without being put in a friend category?

Ask yourself honestly, would you rather date a clear skinned guy who is buff or in good shape or someone overweight and acne? And if you said you would date the second type, you are lying to yourself. Sorry, but theres a reason you are attracted to a person who is good looking and acnefree. It's the same way attraction works for other people or people of the opposite sex!

Well, you may have to work harder than other girls, but you need to be proud of who you are and your true love will see what's on the inside, not the outside. If you'd like an uplifting movie about a very similar topic, check out "Shallow Hal" with Jack Black. It will boost your self-esteem! You're a doll! Now get out there and lasso that guy!