Does a green card give you a Social Security number?

Not automatically; However, a "green card" (lawful permanent residency for aliens) makes someone elligible for a "right to work" social security number. One must request it at a Social Security office. A green card does not make you eligible for a "right to work" social security number. The "right to work" social security number is given to an alien that has received a "work authorization document". Having a green card will make you eligible for a regular social security number, with no restrictions related to it. In most of the cases when you are applying for a Green card, you might already have a Social Security number (this apply when the Permanent residence is through adjustment of status). This number will be the same when you get your permanent residence, only that if you had restrictions to work it will change to NO restrictions. If you are applying to a Green card though marriage, you will be entitled to apply to your social Security number once you receive the letter of approval from the USCIS