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That's a tough one...hmm...There is a chance he does like you, in fact he probably does like you and doesn't talk to you because he's shy. Just speak to him, get to know him!

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Sports in student's life?

I say to stay in school first of all and keep your head on straight never give up and always persue greatness and that will help you become a great athete. Also dont be stressed out stress doesnt help with anything.

How much does middle school cost?

it doesnt cost anything

How can you get closer to your dog when your always in school and doing homework and he doesnt do anything but follow you?

You could always think of staying up later, and playing with him more often... Or waking up earlier and doing things with him then.

Is IQ academy a good school?

yes teachers are always online great school i am a 7th got straight A in 6Th grade

What if a guy likes you but has a girlfriend and doesnt go to your school?

Don't! It has happened to me and it's you that always ends up crying.

How do children with Asperger's Syndrome do in school?

They're all different. I was never a Straight-A Student, but I always did my best.

How do you cope with bullies in middle school?

you just tell them straight up that your sick of it and if that doesnt work then say that you are scared and that you hate being picked on and just ignore them

If the whole population of both male and female Japanese people have such an extremely very high rate then how come they don't always get straight A pluses and Straight A's in school worldwide?

Most definitely yes they do get straight A+'s and straight A's in school worldwide but their parents push them very hard to do the best and be very perfect in everything that they do.

How do you prevent school bullying?

by telling a teacher and a teachers always being everywhere in the school because if someone is getting bullied they they will bed caught straight away and dealed with.

When a girl talks in school is it always about school?

no not always No when a girl talks in school it is not always about school.

How do you make money in middle school without selling candy school supplies or anything dangerous?

Do yardwork for neighbors. Do chores around the house for an allowance. Get a job babysitting for someone. You cant sell anything at school. You will get caught, and get in huge trouble. Don't even think about it. Even if it doesnt seem dangerous to you.

Does a girl like you if she is mean to you in middle school?

no i dont think so but its posoble that is not always the case but if she bullies everyone then its most likely she doesnt like you. If she only bothers you then she might have feelings for you or if you are really quiet and studious she sees you as someone that wont do anything if they get pushed around

What is a perfect high school student like?

Gets straight A's never talks in class always raises hand to ask questions and answer questions lastly always participates

Where does Mariah Carey go to school?

She doesnt go to school

Why you don't play rugby at school?

because it is dangerous with the tackling, as the school doesnt want to get 10 people in sick bay complaining about injuries from playing rugby, also because they are always wanting to make school a 'safe' environment

What school is Justin Bieber going to in Winnipeg?

he doesnt go to school in Winnipeg bc he doesnt live there he lives in Atlanta,Georgia but i dont no wat school he goes to

How do you join rotc if your school doesnt have it?

If you attend a military school, you can ask about it.

Where does Scout Finch go to school?

maycomb school............................ it doesnt say

Why don't your parents give you anything like the iPod Touch if you get straight A's?

You shouldn't have to be rewarded with high-end electronics like the iPod Touch to have you keep getting straight A's in school. It is the parent's choice to give you objects like that so the best thing to do it just ask them why they won't give you anything like the iPod Touch for straight A's.

How many people get straight A's in school in Japan?

The whole 127,000,000 people get straight A's in school in Japan.

How can you know whether your boyfriend is loyal or not?

He'll be there 4 u... But if he doesnt pick up the phone or answer your messages dont worry. he's probably doing something. He would help you with school work or problems and always give ypu a hand. He won't ever say anything behind your back

Does st josephs convent Trinidad have a school paper?

No,it doesnt have a school paper

Can you go straight from high school to med school?

No, you can not go straight from high school to medical school. First you have to get a BS or BA degree, usually with an emphasis on basic sciences. Then you can attend medical school.

What did Wayne Rooney do after school?

he went straight to everton after school

She always go to school everyday?

She always(to go) to school